Top Tourist Places in San Bernardino

Top Tourist Places in San Bernardino

The city of San Bernardino, California, is situated amid the varied topography of a metropolitan area that is in the shadows of the mountain ranges that are found in Southern California. You won’t have to travel more than a few minutes to get to the vast Mojave Desert. San Bernardino is the second largest city in the region of the Inland Empire, and it is home to a number of famous tourist destinations. These include nine regional parks that cover a combined area of more than 9,200 acres (3,723.1 hectares), as well as historic sights that tell the stories of the city’s history dating back to the early 1800s.

1. San Bernardino Railroad and History Museum

The San Bernardino Railroad and History Museum, located in San Bernardino.
The San Bernardino Railroad and History Museum is a destination for tourists from all over the globe who are interested in gaining knowledge about the enduring history that San Bernardino has had for many years.

Renovated in 1918, the Santa Fe Depot may presently be seen serving as either the Amtrak or Metro link depot station. The outstanding museum can be located inside this building.

In addition, guests may get their hands on vintage models and look at images depicting Old San Bernardino’s railways as well as the more contemporary firefighting sector. You will also get the opportunity to learn all there is to know about the Santa Fe Railroad and the villages that were an essential component in the growth of San Bernardino during that time period. There are also displays of both old and new versions of the San Bernardino rail system in the museum.

2. Hiking at San Bernardino National Forest

The San Bernardino Mountains are at the easternmost point of the Transverse Ranges, while the San Jacinto Mountains and Santa Rosa Mountains are at the northernmost point of the Peninsular Ranges. Together, these three mountain ranges make up the San Bernardino National Forest. The forest is home to five different protected regions known as wilderness: Bighorn Mountain, San Gorgonio Mountain, San Jacinto Mountain, and Cucamonga Mountain.

There are a lot of hiking trails, each of which is best for a different skill level, and the Rangers are always around to answer questions and help. Most people agree that Big Bear Lake is one of the best places to go hiking because of its beautiful scenery. There are 11 free campsites designated with a “Yellow Post” sign that may be used at any time of the year. During the summer, there are activities besides hiking that may be enjoyed, such as fishing and swimming, and during the fall, the forest comes to life with its enchanted colours.

3. Watersliding in Glen Helen Regional Park

Glen Helen Regional Park, which is at the base of the Cajon Pass and has amazing views of the San Gabriel and San Bernardino mountains, has a lot to offer people of all ages and interests. The park has a swimming complex with a pool, a beach area, a zero depth water play park, and two lakes that are stocked with fish. Additionally, there are two waterslides inside the park. Throughout the park, there are a number of shady picnic places beneath trees with breathtaking views that visitors may take advantage of.

4. The park at Perris Hill

The breathtaking panorama of Lake Perris can be seen from the meadows and undulating hills that make up Perris Hill Park, which spans an amazing 25.9 hectares and 64 acres. It has 300 picnic areas with tables and grills. This makes it the perfect place to have a barbecue party with friends and family.

In addition to the areas designated for picnicking, there are also playgrounds for younger guests, a baseball pitch, and tennis courts for those who would want to get some exercise during their stay. Take a refreshing swim in the lake after you’ve finished your tasty BBQ meal. Moreno Beach and Perris Beach are located inside the park, and both of these beaches include sizable grassy spaces that are located just near to the sand.

5. Sandboarding in Kelso Dunes

Quartz and feldspar may be found throughout 45 square miles (116.5 square kilometres) of the Kelso Dune Field, making it the biggest sand dune field in the Mojave Desert. Kelso Dune Field is guarded by the Mojave National Preserve, which is home to sand dunes that may reach heights of up to 650 feet (198.1 metres).

Sandboarding is a lot of fun in the Kelso Dunes. Climb to the top of the crests, then make your way down the dunes in a calm and controlled manner. Notice how the sand is shaking and travelling over the constantly changing terrain.

6. Angeles National Forest

The Angeles National Forest is a wonderful place to go camping or trekking in the woods, and it is a destination that is enjoyed by both residents and tourists alike. Just to the west of San Bernardino is where you’ll find the Angeles National Forest.

Travelers may readily locate it by travelling via Rancho Cucamonga and continuing on their way toward Mount San Antonio, which is more often referred to as Mount Baldy in the surrounding area.

7. The National Forest of the San Bernardino Mountains

The San Bernardino National Forest is presently considered to be one of San Bernardino’s most popular tourist destinations as a result of its sustained rise in popularity over the last few decades. With a staggering land area of over 680,000 acres, this forest is one of the biggest in this area and easily ranks among the greatest.

The mountains of San Bernardino, San Gabriel, San Jacinto, and Santa Rosa are all included in its territory. 1907 marked the beginning of the national forest’s existence. It is now a well-known destination for vacationers and is accessible at any time, 365 days a year. In addition, people come here from all over the United States to participate in leisure pursuits such as equestrian riding, horseback riding, hiking, camping, target shooting, fishing, and picnics.

8. Big Bear Lake

The San Bernardino National Forest encompasses the whole area that is known as Big Bear Lake, which is a popular mountain resort destination. Because it is accessible to visitors all through the year, this well-known location draws a steady stream of them. Because there are a lot of hotels and cabins in the region, finding a place to stay has never been a problem for vacationers. This has ensured that everyone has had a great time while they were here. During the summer, when it’s warmer, guests can do a wide range of things, like hiking, mountain biking, fishing, wakeboarding, paddleboarding, water skiing, jet skiing, pontoon boating, and even kayaking. These activities are all available to them.

9. Glen Helen Regional Park

The central business district of the city is about 22 minutes by car from the Glen Helen Regional Park, which is to the northwest of the city’s core. Visitors to the park are certain to have a good time because to the various entertaining attractions that the park has to offer. The Glen Helen Amphitheater is in the park. It has a huge capacity of at least 65,000 seats and is thought to be one of the biggest venues in the San Bernardino area.

In addition, the amphitheatre plays home to motor races, which guests may watch while taking in the electrifying atmosphere generated by the hundreds of people who have gathered there to witness both professional and amateur competitions.

10. Joshua Tree National Park (also known as JTNP)

The entrance to Joshua Tree National Park may be found just outside the city limits of San Bernardino. On the other hand, it is possible to reach Joshua Tree National Park from the centre of San Bernardino in about 1 hour and 30 minutes by car.

Due to the park’s faux-desert setting, it is an excellent choice for an excursion that lasts for the evening or the night. Visitors can get to this park through Black Rock Canyon, which has great hiking trails like Panorama Loop and comfortable, modern campsites that can be used in either direction.

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