Too Hot to Handle Germany (Season 1) , Wiki, Cast, and Trivia

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Too Hot to Handle: Germany (Original title: Too Hot to Handle Germany) is a German reality television dating game show based on the American-British series of the same name.

The first season of the German Too Hot to Handle will be premiered on February 28, 2023, on Netflix.


  • Stella Stegmann
  • Kevin Njie
  • Anna Strigl
  • Lorra Sophie
  • Emskopf
  • Onyi Alaike
  • Furkan Akkaya
  • Oliver Nunez
  • Laura Muro
  • Fabio Falconieri
  • Tobias Klein
  • Dennis Dromer


  • “Too Hot to Handle: Germany” is a German dating reality show based on the American-British series “Too Hot to Handle.”
  • The first season premiered on Netflix on February 28, 2023.
  • The show is hosted by a virtual assistant named “Lana,” shaped like a traffic cone.
  • Contestants are adults who typically engage in casual flings and struggle to form lasting relationships.
  • They are brought together on a tropical island for four weeks, initially thinking they are on a raunchy show.
  • Lana reveals the true purpose: to form meaningful connections without any kissing, sexual contact, or self-gratification, with a prize at stake that decreases if rules are broken.
  • Workshops are conducted to encourage personal growth and foster genuine connections among contestants.
  • Each season begins with 10 new contestants, with occasional new additions later on.
  • Contestants who fail to connect or follow the rules may be removed, and some may choose to leave voluntarily for personal growth reasons. {Netflix Source}