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Too Hot to Handle Brazil (Season 2) , Wiki, Cast, and Trivia

Too Hot to Handle Brazil (Season 2) ,  Wiki, Cast, and Trivia

Originally titled ‘Brincando Com Fogo: Brasil, Too Hot to Handle: Brazil is the second season of the Brazilian reality television dating game show produced by Fremantle and directed by Andy Roth. The first season premiered on Netflix on July 21, 2021, as part of a two-week event. The second season will make its debut on Netflix on September 28, 2022. ((Official Website)) ((IMDb)) ((Wikipedia))

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In Too Hot To Handle Brazil, men and women come together in a tropical paradise for an unforgettable vacation. But there’s a twist. These commitment-phobes who love a casual hook-up will have to give up all hanky panky for the entire retreat if they want to win the grand prize. No kissing, no heavy petting, and no physical contact of any kind. With every slip, the prize money goes down. It remains to be seen if the serial singletons will be able to form deeper emotional connections.

Official Trailer:


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Quick Info regarding Too Hot to Handle Brazil:

  • Country of Origin: Brazil
  • Original Language: Portuguese
  • Genre: Reality competition and Dating show
  • Original release: 28 September 2022
  • Original network: Netflix
  • Series: Too Hot to Handle: Brazil (Original name: Brincando com Fogo: Brasil)
  • Season: 2
  • Created by: Laura Gibson and Charlie Bennett
  • Presented by: Letícia Quinto as Lana
  • Production locations: Tibau do Sul, Brazil