The Remarkable Life of Henry Behrens: A Tiny Trailblazer


In an era when swing music set the rhythm, Hollywood icons like Marilyn Monroe and James Dean graced the silver screen, and television sets became a staple in homes across the world, a unique individual captured hearts and minds for entirely different reasons.

Henry Behrens: The World’s Smallest Man of the ’50s

Born around 1895 in Brazil, Henry Behrens etched his name in history as the world’s tiniest man during the late 1940s and mid-1950s. While Guinness World Records hadn’t yet been established, Henry’s extraordinary stature drew significant attention. Standing at a mere 30 inches (0.81 meters) tall and weighing a mere 32 pounds (14.5 kg), he boldly defied societal norms and expectations.


A Star in Burton Lester’s Midget Troupe

Despite his diminutive size, Henry Behrens, also known as “Colonel Peewee,” confidently earned his living by traveling and performing as a vital member of Burton Lester’s Midget Troupe. This talented ensemble dazzled audiences across the globe with their remarkable skills.

Their acts encompassed a variety of talents, from dancing and singing to acrobatics and live entertainment. Each member brought their unique abilities, contributing to the troupe’s immense success and popularity.

The Enigma of Dual Identity: Jack Fullford vs. Henry Behrens

In 1951, another man, Jack Fullford of Worthing, gained fame as the world’s smallest man, measuring 30 inches tall and weighing 32 pounds. He even purchased a house in Worthing with the earnings from the very same Burton Lester’s circus troupe that Henry Behrens was touring with.

As it turned out, Jack Fullford of Worthing was none other than Henry Behrens himself! The reason for his dual identity remains shrouded in mystery, as Henry kept this secret closely guarded.


Love Knows No Bounds: Henry’s Life with Emmie

Henry found love despite his small stature in his wife, Emmie, who stood just 10 inches taller than him, at 40 inches. Together, they often claimed to be the world’s tiniest couple. Their unique physical appearances made them prominent public figures, leading to career opportunities with Bertram Mill Circus Ltd.

Yet, their circus life was not without its share of challenges. On one occasion, they even sought damages in court against their employers for injuries sustained in a work-related accident. Henry and Emmie stood side by side, both literally and figuratively, throughout their lives.


Their shared experiences in a world of giants forged a special bond and a love that endured through countless obstacles.

Life in Picturesque Worthing

Henry and Emmie chose to make their home in Worthing, England, a charming seaside town known for its welcoming atmosphere and scenic beauty. They made valiant efforts to adapt to everyday life in a normal-sized house.

To tackle daily challenges, Henry devised unique strategies, like standing on a table to wash dishes at the sink. One iconic moment captured Henry dancing with his cat in the doorway of their home, showcasing his talent and love for animals.

The townspeople of Worthing were both fascinated and perplexed by their unusual neighbor, often marveling at the contrast between the tiny couple and the average-sized individuals around them. Despite occasional condescending offers of ‘help’ from onlookers, the couple found a semblance of normalcy in Worthing that might have eluded them elsewhere.

Tiny Treasures: Memories from Neighbors

Margaret Shaw, a neighbor of Henry and Emmie in Worthing, fondly recalls her interactions with the couple. She remembers seeing small furniture and Henry’s minuscule shoes inside their house. While passing by their home on Graham Road, Margaret often glimpsed these custom-made items designed for Henry’s size.

Henry and Emmie were cherished for their warm smiles and friendly nature, endearing them to their Worthing community. People would frequently stop and chat with the couple during their neighborhood strolls, engaging in cheerful conversations with these remarkable individuals.

Their story endures within the community, serving as a powerful reminder that one’s physical stature does not dictate the ability to lead a rich and fulfilling life.

Captured Moments: Iconic Photographs of Henry Behrens

Throughout his life, various photographs captured Henry Behrens in Worthing, a seaside haven in England. Some images emphasized Henry’s diminutive size by contrasting him with everyday objects.

One iconic photograph depicted Henry alongside a towering London officer, showcasing the stark contrast in their heights. Other images showcased him climbing on a table to perform household tasks and weighing himself on a street scale.


These photographs of Henry Behrens provided a glimpse into his daily life, revealing a person who transcended physical limitations and embraced life’s boundless opportunities.

These snapshots continue to serve as a poignant reminder that greatness comes in all shapes and sizes.