‘The Regime’ Episode 4 Recap: How Elena plans to stop the protests?

'The Regime' Episode 4 Recap: How Elena plans to stop the protests?

In Episode 4 of The Regime, the Chancellor comes up with a plan to trade with China, which might harm the sugar production in our area. As the sugar factories start shutting down, the workers from Westgate take to the streets to protest. One protester gets badly hurt, causing a big problem for Elena in the media. Instead of calming things down, she makes it even worse on purpose. Meanwhile, Herbert spends the episode in his cell and meets Ed, who leads the opposition. Ed tries to team up with Herbert, but Herbert is still loyal to the clever Chancellor.

Things look really bad in Elena’s country in the middle of Europe. It could make the country’s people fight again. If The Regime introduced a character we were supposed to hate in the first few shows without telling us why her crazy behavior was funny, It’s hard to say whether it was a good or bad move by The Regime to introduce a character for viewers to dislike in the first few episodes without explaining why her behavior is supposed to be amusing. But now, after watching the 3rd and 4th episodes and seeing the risks of Elena’s unpredictability, the dictator doesn’t seem so strange anymore. Great, but isn’t the world a sad place…

Elena’s Alleged Captivity of Edward Keplinger

Don’t be surprised that Zubak’s still stuck in the dungeon. The fact that the Chancellor’s lies are played on the radio every day makes it really hard for him. It makes him feel even worse that she turned him down to hear her voice.

Zubak is about to have a fun time, though. He thought Edward Keplinger was there alone, so he couldn’t believe it. While Elena was in charge, she would only jail her political opponent in that way. He shouldn’t try to take her down because that’s how she shows him who’s boss.

Understanding the Westgaters’ Protest Movement

When women go through a change in their lives, they often feel very hot and sweat a lot. On the other hand, Elena is like a volcano exploding! She stinks like she’s in a sauna even when the air conditioning is on full blast. Even though it’s cold outside, she thinks everyone else will feel the same way. No clothes, and don’t complain either!

But what’s really unbelievable is how Elena acts like nothing’s wrong with the country’s economy. Ever since she made that trade deal with China, things have been going downhill fast. She won’t admit it, though. She’ll deny anything, like how she brushes off reports about farmers struggling to grow sugar beets. She’ll say it’s all just lies spread by the Americans.

Cheap sugar from China is filling the market, and many sugar beet farmers have lost their jobs as a result. Additionally, factories in Westgate are no longer running. Elena boldly told her team to act more normally during a meeting that she was watching from her bathtub. Politicians are having a hard time with the hungry protesters, and things got worse when a police horse bit a pregnant protester.

Now Elena has to deal with the consequences by talking to Westgate kids and finding a solution to the death of the pregnant protester. Elena has trouble showing understanding, though. While others are grieving over the deaths, she gets mad at the kids for asking about food shortages. Like her, she wants them to be proud of their country and spend less on expensive things like butter and wine. It occurs to Elena that the dry air might be to blame for her nosebleed.

The Regime (2024)
Kate Winslet in The Regime (2024)

How will Elena stop the protests?

It’s hard to lead Elena. She has a strong trust in herself, so her advisors can’t alter that. Not even the fact that she blamed a dead woman for going to protests while pregnant bothers her. When things get bad, Nicky is the only one who seems to speak up.

Following a lot of whining, Elena finally chooses to do something about the distance between her and the others and visits Westgate. Leading the Sugar Beet Farmers’ Committee is Silas Ganz, who is nice, but Elena gets sick when she’s around normal working people. She knows she has to lie to them to make them feel better about ceasing sugar imports from China.

Although it’s clear she doesn’t care about helping people when she later plans a sneaky move against Ganz with Laskin. As planned, Laskin’s plan to lock Ganz’s office with guns and cash doesn’t stop the protests. Actually, when Silas is captured, the crowd gets worse, and they are called “armed insurgents.” It looks like it’s now okay to shoot them.

They weren’t successful in saying that America started the protests. Using force to stop them would also not work, because people would think she was a monster. Okay, Elena can now make the protests look really bad and scare people into thinking there might be a civil war. Later, she can say that any mass killing she does in Westgate is legal and important.

How Zubak made Elena love him again?

Agnes feels very sad because her son is treated badly by Elena whenever she feels like pretending to have a family. Elena ignores him when he needs help because of his epilepsy, and it makes his breath smell bad. Oskar has to do a job he doesn’t understand because Zubak isn’t there. Agnes is worried when she gets messages from people she doesn’t know, saying they’re Americans who want to help them leave the bad situation. But Agnes is scared because if they get caught, things could get worse. She’s not sure what to do yet.

Elena is causing trouble, and soon everyone in the palace will have to stay inside to stay safe. Agnes finds it hard to be trapped, especially with Oskar suffering. With all the chaos, Agnes might decide to leave and go with the Americans to escape Elena’s rule.

Good guy Ed shouldn’t be stuck in the dark jail when everyone thinks he’s living in a big house and spreading lies about Elena. Even though he’s made the jail as comfy as possible and became friends with the guards who watch over him, it’s sad to see them hurt him when they’re ordered to. Ed would have stayed there forever in peace, but Elena has taken his family somewhere safe. When Ed tries to talk sense into Zubak, it doesn’t go well

Ed thought Zubak could switch sides to help him against Elena, but Zubak only wants Elena to love him back. Ed isn’t good at lying, so he struggles to pretend to agree with Zubak’s anti-American ideas. Zubak’s mind is already troubled, so Elena’s voice in his head comforts him with lies. He’s always been fiercely loyal to Elena, ready to attack anyone who speaks against her.

On the fourth episode of “The Regime,” Zubak does what he thinks his lover would like. For Elena’s sake, he chooses to kill Edward Keplinger. Zubak is taken upstairs to the palace after this happens. Meanwhile, Nicky is very hurt by the fact that his wife is showing more love to someone else. Although Zubak and Elena are getting closer, the country is likely to become even more chaotic.