Stars Who Lost Their Tempers On Set!!

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Since the early days of Hollywood, there have been rumors of bad behavior during the shootings of movies, including stars exploding in angry outbursts on set. Being a star or celebrity is not an easy job, they also have responsibilities like showing up to work on time, maintaining a professional demeanor and making sure they impress their boss. But sometimes when they are under pressure or tension, they just lose their temper. There are so many incidents popping up of celebrities being filmed taking their anger out on innocent by-standers. Celebrities like Rosie O’Donnell, Christian Bale and Nicki Minaj have all been caught on camera spitting up words of hatred.

Let us see those stars who lost their tempers on set.

Grace Jones


Grace Jones is a Jamaican model, singer and actress who ranked 82nd on VH1’s “100 Greatest Women of Rock and Roll” in 1999. She appeared in 1985’s “A View to a Kill”, which marked star Roger Moore’s seventh and final James Bond movie. For the franchise’s 25th film, to be released 25 years after “A View to a Kill”, Jones was brought in to reprise the role of criminal henchwoman May Day in the 2020’s “No Time to Die”. Reportedly, the producers had pulled out all the stops to entice Jones to return, even offering her a luxury residence near the studio. “Grace’s 007 homecoming was meant to be a real crowd-pleasing moment. Bosses were really excited about landing her”, a source stated, adding, “Of course, she comes with a reputation, so they organized premium accommodation and rolled out the red carpet on set to make her feel welcome”. But, Jones received a shock when she arrived on set and found that her role in the movie was just a small cameo. Expecting to play a larger role in the movie, the source said that Jones took her brief cameo as a slight, and quickly stormed off before a single frame of the movie was shot. [Source:]

Bill Murray


Bill Murray is an American actor and comedian, who is known for his deadpan delivery. He starred in comedy movies like “Meatballs”, “Caddyshack”, “Stripes” and “Tootsie”. Bill supposedly tortured Harold Ramis on the set of the movie “Groundhog Day” and even had a physical fight with Lucy Liu while filming “Charlie’s Angels”.

Christian Bale


Christian Bale is an English actor who is widely known for his versatility and recurring physical transformations to play his roles, he has been a leading man in films of several genres. He was in the middle of filming a scene for the 2009 sequel “Terminator Salvation” when he felt disturbed as director of photography Shane Hurlbut walked into his line of vision. According to The Guardian, Bale unleashed on a profanity-laced rant on Hurlbut instead. Unfortunately, his four-minute rant made its way onto the internet. After it became a viral sensation, Bale regretfully offered an apology on the Kevin & Bean radio show.

Marlon Brando


Marlon Brando was an American actor who is considered one of the most influential actors of the 20th century. During the filming of 2001’s “The Score”, which would be his final movie before his 2004 death at age 80 Brando had a conflict with director Frank Oz. Before directing movies, Oz worked alongside Jim Henson on “Sesame Street” and “The Muppet Show” as a puppeteer, creating such characters as Fozzie Bear and Miss Piggy. Brando eventually refused to return to the set if Oz was present.

Lawrence Tierney


Lawrence Tierney was an American film and television actor who is best known for his many screen portrayals of mobsters and tough guys in a career that spanned over 50 years. When he was casting his 1992 crime drama movie “Reservoir Dogs”, Quentin Tarantino tapped Lawrence Tierney, then in his 70s, to play the criminal putting together the heist at the center of the movie. Throughout his acting career, Tierney gained a well-earned reputation for heavy drinking, excessive violence and frequent arrests. According to Tarantino, Tierney was personally challenging to every aspect of filmmaking. By the end of the week, everybody on set hated Tierney, and it wasn’t just him.

Mike Myers


Mike Myers is a Canadian actor, comedian, director, producer and screenwriter who was named an Officer of the Order of Canada for “his extensive and acclaimed body of comedic work as an actor, writer, and producer” in 2017. During the shooting of “Wayne’s World”, Mike allegedly became enraged and stormed off set after realizing there was no margarine for his bagel. [Source:]