Shanquella Robinson’s ‘friend’ arrested, claims Mexican prosecutor

Shanquella Robinson’s ‘friend’ arrested, claims Mexican prosecutor

A prosecutor in Mexico has said that a warrant has been issued for the arrest of the female “aggressor” who can be seen assaulting Shanquella Robinson in a video that has been made public.

A friend of Robinson’s “who is the direct aggressor” in the video is being prosecuted with femicide, according to Daniel de la Rosa Anaya, a prosecutor for the state of Baja California Sur. Anaya told ABC News that the buddy is being investigated for the crime.

According to Michael Lettieri, an expert on femicide in Mexico, a murder is investigated as a femicide when a woman is killed because of her gender or by a perpetrator who had a relationship with the victim. This is because Mexican law classifies a murder as a femicide when one of these two criteria is met (domestic violence).

According to de la Rosa Anaya, who spoke with ABC News, “this matter is totally explained, and we even have a court ruling.” An individual who is believed to have committed the act of femicide against her has had a warrant for their arrest issued. The individual in question is a friend of hers who was the primary aggressor. In point of fact, it wasn’t a fight at all; rather, it was an act of direct violence.”

The Mexican government has formally requested that the suspect be extradited back to Mexico to face the allegations that have been brought against him.

According to what de la Rosa Anaya had to say about the situation, “We are carrying out all of the appropriate processes such as the request for extradition to the United States of America and the Interpol alert.” “It concerns two citizens of the United States: the victim and the offender.”

The arrest warrant did not include any identifying information about the lady.

Robinson, who was 25 years old and was on her way to Cabo, Mexico with a group of friends to celebrate a birthday, was found dead only 24 hours after their arrival.

At the records that Radar Online was able to get, it is said that she passed just three hours after a doctor started treating her on October 29 in a rented property.

In the beginning, Robinson’s travelling companions reported to the doctor that she consumed “too much alcohol.” They informed Robinson’s family that she had died of “alcohol poisoning,” but an examination revealed that she had really died of a fractured neck.

The information that an arrest warrant had been obtained in the case was sent to Sallamondra Robinson, Robinson’s mother, by ABC News on Wednesday evening.

Sallamondra Robinson expressed her happiness by saying, “I feel so fantastic, that’s a nice sensation.” “That’s what we’ve been waiting for, for someone to finally be taken into custody and held responsible for their actions. I simply can’t wait for the right person to be held accountable.

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