Selena Gomez becomes first woman to hit 400 million followers on Instagram

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has put another feather to her crown, only days after surpassing Kylie Jenner as the ‘Most Followed’ girl on Instagram!

Selena just reached the magical number of 400 million followers on Instagram, making her the first woman to ever reach that milestone on social media platforms. Before, Kylie was the female user on Instagram with the most followers. There are currently 382+ million people that follow Kylie on Instagram.

Last month, when Selena became the most followed female celebrity on Instagram, announced taking a break from social media.

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Selena went live on TikTok last month, stating, “I’m very happy, I’m so blessed. I have the best friends and the best fans in the whole world and I just couldn’t be happier.” {Official Instagram}

“I’m good, I love the way I am, I don’t care,” she added.

“And yeah, I’m gonna be taking a second from social media ’cause this is a little silly and I’m 30. I’m too old for this,” she said further, adding, “I love you guys so much and I will see you guys sooner than later. I just have to take a break from everything.”

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Selena, on the other hand, quickly returned to social media and shared a series of images with her family.

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