Netflix’s ‘Testament: The Story of Moses:’ Who was Moses’ wife? Did Moses have multiple wives?

Netflix's 'Testament: The Story of Moses:' Who was Moses’ wife? Did Moses have multiple wives?

It’s not a surprise that “Testament: The Story of Moses” on Netflix lives up to its name in every way. Moses was seen as one of the most important leaders by many different religions.

With so many people’s feelings involved, this docudrama had to stick closely to the real scriptures. That means we get a full picture not just of Exodus but much more. But if you’re just interested in learning about Moses’s personal life, especially his marriage to the smart and lovely Zipporah, we’ve got all the details for you.

Who was Zipporah? The story of his marriage to Zipporah

Once upon a time, when Moses was hiding because he had hurt an Egyptian who was mistreating a Hebrew, he met Zipporah. Moses didn’t know she was the daughter of Jethro/Reuel, the priest-prince of Midian. Even so, he treated her with great respect and won her heart quickly.

According to Exodus 2:16 – 22, Zipporah was watering her father’s flock with her sisters when they met in the desert. Moses protected them from troublemakers.

Once upon a time, there was a man named Moses. He went to a place called Midian and sat near a well. In Midian, there was a priest who had seven daughters. These daughters came to the well to get water for their father’s animals. But some bad guys called shepherds came and scared them away.

Moses saw what was going on and stepped in to help the girls. His kindness meant that they could drink. The girls’ dad asked them why they came back so quickly when they got home. They told him that an Egyptian man had saved them and given their animals water.

Testament: The Story of Moses (2024) 1
Testament: The Story of Moses (2024)

The father asked where the man was, and why they didn’t invite him for a meal. So, the daughters asked Moses to come to their house. Moses agreed and stayed with them. Later, the father gave his daughter Zipporah to Moses as his wife.

Also, according to the initial story, Moses had already made a good impression on the woman who would become his wife as they walked to her house. He walked ahead of all the women, and she was the first one to reach him. He rushed ahead so he wouldn’t see her back or skin when strong winds lifted her skirt a bit. He didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable. Their bond was more than just arranged – they truly cared for, loved, and respected each other, which led to them having two sons together.

First, there was Gershom, which means “a stranger there” in Hebrew. Then came Eliezer, meaning “Help/Court of my God”, a few years later while they were living in Midian. In this time period, God showed up to Moses on Mount Horeb as a brightly lit bush. God told Moses to free the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. Moses left everything, even though he was taking care of his father-in-law’s animals, because leading the Israelites was more important. He mounted a donkey and went back to Egypt with his wife and kids.

Was Moses married to any other woman besides Zipporah?

Yes, Moses was married to another woman but her name was not revealed. Zipporah is Moses’s only named wife.

After what happened with Zipporah at the inn, Moses sent his wife and children back to Midian to stay safe. He didn’t want any harm to come to them. They didn’t meet again until they left Egypt in the Exodus.

It was Jethro who brought them to Moses in the wilderness, where he was staying at the mountain of God, after hearing about all the good things Moses did for his people. Later on, Moses married another woman, a Cushite or Ethiopian woman, whose name isn’t mentioned in any texts we know of.

Testament: The Story of Moses (2024) 2
Testament: The Story of Moses (2024)

Some people think this woman might be Zipporah herself, but there’s no real connection found between the Midianites and Ethiopians. Besides that, Moses’ older brothers didn’t like this marriage either. People shouldn’t be questioning Moses’ marriage to the mother of his boys that happened about 40 years ago.

This suggests that he married someone new. The only mention of her is in Numbers 12:1, where it says, “Miriam and Aaron talked against Moses because he married a Cushite woman.”

Why did Moses and Zipporah separate?

Unfortunately, something scary happened at an inn, so Moses sent Zipporah, Gershom, and Eliezer back to the country where his wife was from. Moses was in trouble with God because he didn’t shave Gershom. When they stopped at a place on their way to Egypt, Zipporah felt like something was wrong. She did something to please God and keep everyone safe.

In Exodus 4, it says that while Moses was traveling with his family, God wanted to harm him. So, Moses’ wife, Zipporah, quickly circumcised their son Gershom with a sharp stone and threw the foreskin at someone’s feet, saying, “Surely a bridegroom of blood art thou to me.” After that, God stopped wanting to harm Moses. Some people aren’t sure whose feet she threw it at—whether it was God’s feet or Moses’ or Gershom’s actual feet.