Netflix’s ‘3 Body Problem’: What happened to Ye Wenjie in the series?

Netflix's '3 Body Problem': What happened to Ye Wenjie in the series?

In the Netflix show “3 Body Problem,” one person’s choice affects all people in the world. In China during the Cultural Revolution, the story starts. A young girl named Ye Wenjie goes through a lot of pain when her father is killed in public. This event changes her life and the choices she makes for a long time. One choice she makes is to talk to an alien race that wants to take over Earth. She doesn’t listen to warnings because she thinks people are too broken to be saved. This choice sets off a series of events that kill her in the end.

Did Ye Wenjie’s Choices Lead to Humanity’s Downfall?

Wenjie might not have been able to get the San-Ti aliens’ attention. If they hadn’t, they probably would have gone after another planet instead. This idea is not likely, though, since other people and places were also sending messages into space to get in touch with aliens. There was another time when Ye Wenjie wouldn’t have felt bad about killing so many people, including her daughter.

Ye Wenjie backed the San-Ti very strongly. As soon as she learned about them, she worked hard to get Earth and people ready for their coming. She asked them to come because she thought they were the only ones who could save the world. She was by herself at the time, though. Since her dad had died and her mom had let her down, she didn’t think about her family anymore. Since she was sent to the Red Coast, she didn’t have any friends. She didn’t think being alone was very dangerous.

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Rosalind Chao in 3 Body Problem (Ed Miller/Netflix)Even after giving birth to her daughter Vera, Ye Wenjie still thought that the aliens’ coming would be good for people because nothing bad had happened to her yet. But when Vera sadly kills herself, Wenjie starts to wonder if calling the aliens was a mistake. But when Vera sadly kills herself, Wenjie starts to wonder if calling the aliens was a mistake. At first, she thought Vera was dealing with something she didn’t know about. But in the end, Wenjie figures out that Vera’s death was caused by the lies her parents didn’t tell her.

How Did Ye Wenjie Die?

Vera was distraught and ashamed when she learned that her mother had called the San-Ti to Earth, which would have ruined humanity’s chances of making science progress. When Wenjie realized she had killed her daughter, she felt so guilty that she couldn’t stand it. The only person she really cared about after her dad died was her daughter, so she felt like she had let her down. She chose to die with her daughter. She decided to end her life while watching the sunset on the Red Coast, where it all began. This was meant to represent the end of humanity’s story.

She had already planned to kill herself before Ye Wenjie got to Red Coast. She visited the grave of her daughter, and her surprise meeting with Saul showed that she was tying up loose ends in her life. For the San-Ti, though, she was a problem they had to solve. The aliens showed they didn’t care what people knew about them, why they were on Earth, or how they got people to follow them by destroying Mike Evans’ ship, Judgement Day. Leaving Evans and his followers to die showed that they, along with Ye Wenjie, had no use for them anymore.

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Rosalind Chao in 3 Body Problem (Ed Miller/Netflix)

Because Wenjie had been linked to them from the beginning, they were afraid that she might help people after her daughter died, even if it was out of guilt. There was a gap between what they knew and what she thought. They knew she was smart and could help people fight the San-Ti if she wanted to. Because of this, they chose to fire her and gave the job to Tatiana.

Wenjie had chosen to kill herself and not tell anyone. Wenjie tells Tatiana what she’s going to do when she gets there, and the two of them watch the sunset together. What comes next is unknown, but Tatiana may help Wenjie die because Wenjie used to be her boss and treat her well. Wenjie died on the Red Coast, no matter what happened.