Release date: August 20, 2021

Country: Australia, United States,

Risen is an Australian-American thriller film, directed and written by Eddie Arya. Starring by Kenneth Trujillo, Caroline McQuade, Buffy Anne Littaua, and Wassim Hawat. The film is releasing on August 20, 2021. The technical crew includes Phillip J. Faddoul for music direction, for cinematography, and for editing. Check below for more inside information about Risen. This page will put a light upon the Risen wiki, cast info, release date, teaser/trailer, actors/actresses with their roles, controversies, trivia, shooting location info, rumors, lesser-known facts, and more.


Disaster unfolds in Badger, a small farming town in the state of New York when a meteor strike contaminates the air, turning it toxic. People begin to die. Lauren, an astrobiologist, tracked by Homeland security, is called in to find answers for this unearthly event.She reluctantly gets involved in the effort to solve the ensuing crisis. Meanwhile, a gigantic tree, an other-worldly object has grown at the site of the meteorite impact. It becomes apparent, once was speculated to be a meteorite is in fact an experimental seed sent to Earth in their search for a new home. The seed is sent from a dying world, a desperate world in order to grow their trees to create a habitable environment for themselves on Earth and then colonise it.

Risen Wiki:

Title Risen
Original Title Risen
Type Movie
Genre Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller,
Release date August 20, 2021
Language(s) English,
Director(s) Eddie Arya
Writer(s) Eddie Arya
Producer(s) Alex Gallant,Cat Clark,Daniel Lee,David Groover,Eddie Arya,Jason Wan Lim,Juli Fisher,Julianne Howell,Kya Stewart,Nagendra Jayaram,Nathaniel Brown,Nicole Schalmo,Rajkumar John,Ryan Wilson,Rylee Williams,Savitha Rajashekar,Stuart White,V Trivedi,Wassim Hawat,Wendy Contant
Music Director(s) Phillip J. Faddoul
Country Australia, United States,
Network Feature Film
Production companies

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‘Risen‘ Cast Credits:

  • Kenneth Trujillo as David Santiago
  • Caroline McQuade as Mandy Stone
  • Buffy Anne Littaua as Dr. Maria Paselo
  • Wassim Hawat as Vince US Marshal
  • Natalie Rose as Narelle Jackson
  • Kya Stewart as Rachel Stermon
  • Jack Campbell as Colonel Emmerich
  • Nicole Sharrock as Sergeant Nitro
  • Lily Brown Griffiths as Meryl Windsor¬†(as Lily Brown)
  • Melissa Brattoni as Sergeant Thompson
  • Marcus Johnson as David Howell
  • Zahlee Moore as Valerie Windsor
  • Anthony Moisset as Sergeant Brooks
  • Shakila Zab as US Soldier
  • Terri Purchase as Dr. Thompson
  • Nicole Schalmo as Lauren
  • Alan Flower as Ramsey
  • Dominic Stone as Rob Windsor
  • Vicki Gard as Dr. Perry
  • Mansoor Noor as Scott
  • Saroni Roy as US Soldier
  • David MacPhail as Agent Hopson
  • Kyle Lovett as Sergeant Nolan
  • Melissa Davidson as Media Reporter
  • Olga Olshansky as Elena
  • Michela Carattini as Samantha Bransgrove
  • Brandon Pitts as Sergeant Johnson
  • Matias Klaver as Joseph
  • Alex Gallant as Sergeant Clayton
  • Grace Chim as Jen (Survivor)
  • Vannessa Lim as FBI Scientist
  • Zoran Gulaboski as Faisal
  • Rosie Daly as Sergeant Weston
  • Bonnie Jean as Sergeant Ann
  • Caroline George as Ashley McKnight
  • Ashley Ross as Sergeant LeBlanc
  • Sarah Hallam as Media Reporter
  • Amelia Foxton as Natasha Maxwell
  • Amelia Forsyth-Smith as Boardroom Member
  • Sontaan Hopson as Air Force pilot Linda Jones
  • Anthony Darvall as Jake
  • Ryan Wilson as Sergeant Phoenix
  • Jack Kelly as Gavin Sibinski
  • Ray Pearson as Dan Holland
  • Verna Amy McClune as Charolotte Johannes
  • Gavin Jones as Reporter Tom Mason
  • Jay Kallaway as Geoff Smith
  • Veronika Jendruch as US Soldier
  • Gary Layton as Scientist
  • Darya Miroshnikova as Victim
  • Ashlee Cronin as Young Lauren
  • Nadim Accari as Gibbs
  • Charles F. Gray as Alex Ross
  • Donna Delaney as Boardroom Member
  • Keira Bird as US Soldier
  • Ken Welsh as Lauren’s Dad
  • Richard Mutschall as General Wittmeyer
  • Quinten Brown as Ryan
  • V Trivedi as George Kumar
  • Hannah Irwin as US Soldier
  • Lauren Hamilton Neill as Shelly Clark
  • Danny Barton as Boardroom Member
  • John Rogers as Ken Atwood
  • Bianca Mastromatteo as Scientist
  • Shebie King as Scientist
  • Mara McCann as Dr. Mason
  • Kyan Kiani as Scientist
  • Juli Fisher as Principal McCahon
  • Bruce Hoffmann as
  • Camilla Lee as Scientist
  • Oscar Cavagnola as Liquor Store Clerk
  • Christian Andrew as Jack
  • Patrick Shanahan as Victim
  • Hayden Splitt as Scientist
  • Oliver Kelliher as US Soldier
  • Amanda Bollom as Karen Montanari
  • Justin Touyz as Sergeant Perez
  • Michael Koorey as US Soldier
  • Robbie Professuir as US Soldier
  • Violet Alexander as Media Reporter
  • Keith Stribling as Scientist
  • Nagarjuna Thalanki as Raj
  • Monica May-Ha Russell as Kylie Yun
  • Michael Ubrihien as Scientist
  • Helen Kim as Scientist
  • Jim Winton Porter as General Gomez
  • Steve Fife as US Soldier
  • Sebastien Davies as Media Reporter
  • Aleksandar Vuksanovic as Media Reporter
  • Goutham Gopikrishna as US Soldier
  • Tanja Barjaktarevic as Media Reporter
  • Archana Seliyan as Media Reporter
  • Vene√© Porter as Karen
  • Fadi Kharouteh as US Soldier
  • Waata Richards as Michael Santiago
  • Andrew Clarke as US Soldier
  • Eva Maria Barboza as Media Reporter
  • Alison Rosetta as Media Reporter
  • Awath Cham as US Soldier
  • Adel Reda Ahmed as Boardroom Member¬†(as Adel Reda)
  • Mark Fisher as Boardroom Member
  • Angus Fife as US Soldier
  • Dylan Hadley as US Soldier
  • Bridgette Sancho as Susan Johnson
  • Fern Beth Kleinhans as Boardroom Member
  • Aaron Jaffrey as US soldier
  • Esther Adelhardt as Media Reporter
  • Lucas Foster as Boardroom Member
  • Summa as Military
  • Izzy Bridger as Sarah Windsor
  • Ramanna Mittakanti as Victim
  • Tecklah James as US Soldier
  • Han Sophie Huynh as Media Reporter
  • Nadine Ao as Scientist
  • Pagna Kol as Scientist
  • Vanessa Fan as Scientist
  • Maria Grazia Di Maria as Media Reporter
  • Ray Lam as Scientist
  • Emmanuel Said as Scientist
  • Natalie Cotter-Moroz as Scientist
  • Santoz Kumar as US Soldier
  • Louise Timpson as US Soldier
  • Bobby Babin as FBI Director
  • Melina Skidmore as US Soldier
  • Dennis Vassel as US Soldier
  • Megan Duncan as Media Reporter
  • Jialei Ding as Media Reporter
  • Germana Morassi as Scientist
  • Xia M as Extra

Trailer/ Teaser of Risen:

When does Risen premiere?

Risen Movie releasing on August 20, 2021.

Where can I watch Risen?

Risen Movie releasing on Feature Film.

Frequently Asked Questions!

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  • What is the premiere date for Risen?
    Release date of Risen is August 20, 2021.
  • Who is/are the director/s of Risen?
    Eddie Arya.


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