Meet the Cast of the German TV Series “Are You the One?” – Staffel 4

Are You the One? -Staffel 4 is the fourth season of German reality television series that airs on the premium sector TVNOW and on the television channel RTL. The series’ fourth season debuted on RTL+ on December 6, 2022.

The programme follows young people who are unmarried and looking for love. Through the use of a matching algorithm, a group of 10 single women and 10 single men are discretely matched up into pairs by a team of 10 experts. The participants then strive to identify all of these “perfect matches” while they are living together in the same house. If they are successful, the whole team will split the prize money, which could be as high as €200,000. ((Wikipedia – Are You the One?))

Throughout the course of each season, the competitors go on dates with partners that are decided via contests, and they have the option to learn in the “truth booth” whether a certain pair is a correct match at various points throughout the process. After the truth booth verifies that a couple is a great fit for one another, the two of them will go to the honeymoon room, where they will be paired together for the duration of the matching nights. ((Instagram – Are You the One?))

The participants will participate in a “matching night” at the conclusion of each show, during which they will discover how many perfect matches they have, but they will not be told whose matches are accurate. Every time the house failed to find any matches other than those that were previously validated by the truth booth, the reward was decreased.

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