Lifetime’s Surviving the Sleepover: Filming Locations and Cast Information

Lifetime’s Surviving the Sleepover: Filming Locations and Cast Information

‘Surviving the Sleepover’, directed by Patricia Frontain, tells the gripping story of a high school student who receives an invitation to a sleepover from a clique of popular but mean girls, only to find herself in a fight for survival as the night unfolds.

Hannah, a newcomer to town, struggles to make friends because of her outspoken nature. Despite her efforts to connect, she becomes the target of bullying by the school’s popular girls. Melissa, the ringleader of the group, extends an invitation to Hannah for a sleepover at her place. Oblivious to the ulterior motive behind the invitation, Hannah agrees and arrives at Melissa’s house in the evening.

When the sleepover begins with a game of Never Have I Ever, the mood is typical, with excitement building as secrets are revealed. However, the atmosphere darkens when Melissa begins to enforce the game’s rules, with fatal consequences. Hannah finds herself trapped in a life-threatening situation with few options for escape, relying on her mother as her only chance for survival.

This Lifetime thriller immerses viewers in a story that resonates with the universal experience of feeling like an outsider, while also serving as a stark reminder of the hidden dangers within teenage friendships and the importance of staying true to oneself in the face of adversity.

The film’s various settings, ranging from Hannah’s new neighborhood and school to Melissa’s opulent home, add depth to the plot and heighten its suspense. As a result, many viewers may be intrigued to learn about the real-life locations that served as the backdrop for the film’s compelling environments.

Where was ‘Surviving the Sleepover’ Filmed?

“Surviving the Sleepover” was filmed in Los Angeles, California, with principal photography taking place over a few weeks in October 2023. During the shoot, the cast members felt supported by the crew, which helped them bring the director’s vision to reality.

Lead actress Sloan Mannino thanked director Patricia Frontain on Instagram, writing, “Thank you for believing in me and guiding this amazing cast and crew!” Mannino also complimented casting director Stella Nova, saying, “You did an incredible job selecting each of us.” One of my favorite moments on set was seeing all of the roles come together in the same room and simply ‘click.'”

Surviving the Sleepover Filming Locations 1
Joshua Bertell in Surviving the Sleepover (2024)

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, located in Southern California, is well-known worldwide for its filmmaking. It was chosen as the ideal location to film ‘Surviving the Sleepover.’ The movie shows scenes of teenagers spending time together after school, giving a nostalgic glimpse into teenage life in the city.

The director wanted to capture the feeling of being new and unfamiliar in a community, so she used her own experience moving from New York City to a small town in Texas. The quiet streets and secluded hangout spots of suburban Los Angeles provided the perfect backdrop for the film’s story.

During the time before filming, Patricia Frontain took advantage of setting up how characters would interact on set. She spent about 15 hours at wardrobe fittings, arranging for related characters to be there at the same time.

For example, she gathered all four “mean girls” together and let the mother and daughter work out their differences. Frontain also had personal conversations with the actors. During filming, the director of photography, Hana Kitasei, worked with Frontain to understand her preferences for specific scenes before discussing her overall vision for the shoot.

Surviving the Sleepover Filming Locations 2
Jenna Hogan, Sage Moore and Abigail Villanueva in Surviving the Sleepover (2024)

The film revolves around a big Los Angeles property with multiple floors and a pool. It’s set in the dry landscapes typical of Southern California. Los Angeles has a variety of filming locations, ranging from tall buildings to quiet streets, which is why so many Lifetime movies are produced there. Examples include ‘Blackmail, Lies, and Murder,’ ‘Alone in the Dark,’ ‘Lonely Crime Fanatic,’ and ‘Tall, Dark, and Dangerous.’

Who is in the Cast?

  • Sloan Mannino, a former high school track and field athlete, plays the lead role of Hannah. Her acting career began with ‘Pi Day Die Day,’ and she is best known for her role as cheerleader Heidi in the Lifetime film ‘Sabotaging the Squad.’
  • Jenna Hogan co-stars as Melissa, making her feature film debut. Dawn Marie, who has appeared in ‘Play Hard’ and ‘About Us,’ plays Jessica.
  • The supporting cast includes Joshua Bertell as Cameron, Sage Moore as Abbie, Jennings Rice as Tracy, and Abigail Villanueva as Charlotte.

Where Can I Watch ‘Surviving the Sleepover’?

The 2024 Lifetime movie “Surviving the Sleepover” is set to debut on Saturday, March 23 at 8/7c. For viewers without basic cable, accessing the Lifetime channel is possible with a Philo subscription.

New subscribers have the opportunity to enjoy Philo’s 7-day free trial, allowing them to watch “Surviving the Sleepover” this Saturday at no cost before deciding on a paid subscription.