Is the horror movie ‘Immaculate’ (2024) based on a true story?

Is the horror movie 'Immaculate' (2024) based on a true story?

“Immaculate,” directed by Michael Mohan and written by Andrew Lobel. In the horror movie Sydney Sweeney plays Cecilia, a devout nun who begins a new chapter in her life by joining a secluded convent in the beautiful Italian countryside. As she settles in, the warmth and kindness shown by everyone at the convent begin to reveal a darker truth. Cecilia, a woman of faith, soon discovers horrifying secrets lurking within her supposedly tranquil new home.

Michael Mohan’s film stars Sydney as well as Álvaro Morte, Benedetta Porcaroli, Dora Romano, Giorgio Colangeli, and Simona Tabasco, who all deliver impressive performances. Throughout the story, familiar horror elements are explored through Cecilia’s perspective. The incorporation of religious themes involving a nun and patriarchy adds authenticity, prompting viewers to question its reality.

Immaculate is a pretend story made up over ten years

Screenwriter Andrew Lobel worked on the concept for ‘Immaculate’ for about ten years, but filmmaker Michael Mohan also made a significant contribution. Mohan was inspired by a variety of sources, including Ken Russell’s 1971 film ‘The Devils’, which explores taboo subjects similar to ‘Immaculate’. Michael Mohan praised Ken Russell’s fearlessness in filmmaking, saying, “What I love about Ken Russell’s work is he just goes for it. In an interview with The Wrap, he said, “I really relate to it.”

Sydney Sweeney photo
Sydney Sweeney in Immaculate (2024)

In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, both the writer and Sydney Sweeney revealed that the original script for the horror film ‘The Devils’ went through significant changes before reaching its final draft. Andrew, the author, explained that the main character was originally a high school student. However, they chose to transform her into a nun, allowing for a more expansive character arc. Despite the film’s brief duration, this change created a greater contrast between where the character begins and where she ends up. The film also references classic horror films such as ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ and ‘Mother!’.

Andrew praised Sydney Sweeney’s acting abilities, confident that she would effortlessly bring the script for “Immaculate” to life. He recognized the importance of keeping her focused throughout the process. When he came up with new ideas, the main question was whether they increased the scare factor, with the goal of making the film truly frightening. Andrew thanked the team for challenging him creatively. Sydney reflected on her experience with the script, revealing that she auditioned for the role when she was only 16. In an interview with Variety, she discussed contacting the writer, Andrew Lobel, to obtain the original draft, which she then reworked to better suit her current self while retaining the core themes and storylines.

Sydney acknowledged that a storyline from the original script remains relevant today. “Immaculate” explores a variety of themes, sparking conversations and allowing viewers to form their own opinions. Despite script changes over time, the central story remains consistent. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Sydney stated that some of the film’s intense scenes are based on true events. Given these considerations, “Immaculate” may contain some realistic elements, but it is ultimately detached from reality.