Iron Reign Season 1 Recap: Who Steals the Czar’s Mail?

Iron Reign Season 1 Recap: Who Steals the Czar’s Mail?

The first season of Netflix’s Spanish crime show ‘Iron Reign’ ends with Víctor Julve and Rocío Manchado uncovering who attempted to kill Rocío’s father, Joaquín Manchado, and steal important mail from the Port of Barcelona without the Manchado family’s knowledge. This discovery significantly alters Joaquín’s situation, as he has been fighting for his life in the hospital while his family struggles with their own issues. The kidnapping of Néstor’s girlfriend Sandra by Ariel and Lucía Ramírez-Pereira complicates his role as the Manchados’ cocaine dealer.

Unveiling the Culprit Behind the Assassination Attempt

During the initial season of ‘Iron Reign,’ Joaquín Manchado eagerly anticipates the arrival of a shipment of cocaine from Don Rafael, a Mexican supplier. Rafael’s children, Ariel and Lucía Ramírez-Pereira, are the ones who are responsible for directing the shipment to the Port of Barcelona. An Italian drug dealer named Massimo Carfora has reached an agreement with Joaquín, which was facilitated by a mediator who is commonly referred to as El Francés or the Frenchman. Upon the arrival of the shipment, Joaquín takes the necessary steps to ensure that it is of high quality before transferring it to the Frenchman, who is receiving it on behalf of Massimo. However, just as Joaquín is about to proceed with the deal, an anonymous person forces him to rush to the port, where an attempt is made on his life.”

Unfortunately, Joaquín faces a coma, which requires his brother Román and his son-in-law Néstor to deliver the package to the Frenchman. Víctor Julve, who is employed by the Manchados but is actually a law enforcement officer, expresses to his boss the location where the handover will take place. Everyone discovers that the package has been stolen, despite the fact that the police have arrived to seize the drugs and arrest the traffickers. The Frenchman, Ariel, and Lucía provide the Manchados with some time to locate the drugs that have gone missing. Román and Néstor try to find out what happened to the drugs and find some of them in a local cocaine lab. They also see Ricardo Manchado’s truck there, Joaquín’s son.

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Román thinks Ricardo, who can’t stop gambling, took the czar’s mail. He informs Rocío, Ricardo’s sister, of his suspicion. When Rocío confronts Ricardo, he accuses Román of stealing the mail and blaming him for running away with his lover. Ricardo attacks Román’s friend and starts a fight. Without attempting to uncover the truth about the theft, Román and Ricardo fight and kill each other. Aside from Víctor, a secret police officer named Núria works undercover at Joaquín’s port. She earns the trust of a cop in order to gain access to Miki’s office, which is linked to the Manchados cartel.

After stealing an important item from Miki’s office, Núria places it in Rocío’s bag. Miki catches Núria and takes her away. Despite his best efforts, Victor is unable to save Núria. Ariel seeks assistance from a shaman to resolve his recent bad luck. Borrás is in trouble because his bank account was frozen by the authorities. He was unable to return €40 million to Massimo through the Frenchman in order to complete the transaction with the Manchados and Pereiras.

Massimo cuts off one of Borrás’ fingers to scare him. Borrás tries to get enough money to pay back the Italian drug dealer but fails, so he decides to run away instead. Rocío recovers her father’s SIM card, but it is stolen by a kid from Víctor’s neighborhood. Rocío and an undercover cop recover the card and uncover a threatening message sent to Joaquín prior to his near-death experience.

Néstor Revealed as Mail Thief and Attempted Murderer in Iron Reign Season 1 Finale

At the end of Season 1 of Iron Reign, Néstor steals mail from the czar and attempts to harm Joaquín. A video sent to the Manchado family depicts someone receiving a cocaine shipment. Victor recognizes the location in the video and informs Rocío. They see Miki load the cocaine into a van, but two others steal it from him. Miki is injured in the attack, and Néstor calls the police about the czar’s mail, revealing that he is responsible for the theft and attempted murder.

Néstor wanted to take over Joaquín’s position in the drug trade in Europe. He was doing a good job running the cocaine business for his father-in-law, and he thought he could climb higher. Néstor probably thought Joaquín was the only obstacle in his way. Since Joaquín’s son Ricardo was irresponsible and into gambling, Néstor didn’t see him as a threat. And Román, Joaquín’s other son, was unreliable because of his drinking and obsession with his partner. So, Néstor likely thought he could become the leader of the Machados by marrying Joaquín’s daughter.

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Néstor may have attempted to portray himself as a worthy successor to Joaquín by claiming to have stolen the czar’s mail with the assistance of Miki. But since Massimo is a big player in Europe, Néstor probably couldn’t sell the cocaine to anyone else. Massimo is definitely not someone he wants to mess with. So Néstor may have planned to pretend he discovered the cocaine in order to impress Massimo and demonstrate his abilities. However, his plans to become the leader are thwarted when his lover Alex and Sonia, the sister of a sportsman, steal the cocaine from him.

Survival and Struggle: Joaquín’s Fight for Life and Power After Coma

Joaquín survives a dangerous encounter with Néstor but goes into a coma. He remains in a coma for a long time, showing no signs of improvement. However, by the end of the first season, he has moved his fingers and opened his eyes, indicating that he is improving. It’s too early to say whether he’ll fully recover, especially given his injuries and age, but for the time being, he’s expected to live. However, his life will not be normal while he deals with the consequences of being in a coma.

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Eduard Fernández, Sergi López, Enric Auquer, Chino Darín, Natalia de Molina, and Jaime Lorente in Iron Reign (IMDB)

After waking up from a coma, Joaquín discovers a completely different world. Instead of being a feared drug dealer, he’s now someone who couldn’t even recognize his own son-in-law’s deceit. This has made people doubt him a lot. Massimo, a key partner, has already messed up a major delivery, causing problems for European dealers. The Pereira family, who had a shipment stolen under Joaquín’s watch, may consider him an enemy now. With Román and Ricardo gone, Joaquín’s empire is shaky.

Néstor, his son-in-law, likely knows that Joaquín suspects him of causing his coma. He might want to get rid of Joaquín before he finds out the truth. Joaquín is still powerful, though, and could easily take out Néstor. But Néstor might not want to risk facing Joaquín directly, so he might try to kill him again. To protect her father, Rocío might have to act fast and trap her husband.

Ariel Threatens Sandra’s Life in Cocaine Standoff

Ariel and Lucía think they won’t get their cocaine soon, so they take Joaquín’s granddaughter Sandra to make Néstor find the czar’s mail in 24 hours. Ariel threatens to harm Sandra if Néstor fails to return the cocaine on time. Néstor asks the Frenchman to arrange a meeting with the Pereiras to return the cocaine, but Alex and Sonia steal it from Néstor, endangering Sandra’s life.

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Natalia de Molina and Jaime Lorente in Iron Reign (IMDB)

Sandra might be in danger of getting hurt or even killed by Ariel if Néstor doesn’t get what Ariel wants. Even if the Frenchman and Massimo try to calm him down, they won’t blame him if Sandra gets hurt because of Néstor’s failure to find the cocaine shipment for the Mexicans. The Frenchman and Massimo are experienced in the drug trade and know that there are consequences for bad actions, even if they’re cruel. They won’t start a fight with Ariel if he harms their business partner’s granddaughter.

Lucía is the only one who might be able to stop Ariel from hurting Sandra. She promised Sandra she wouldn’t get hurt, and she might involve her father, Don Rafael, to stop Ariel. Don Rafael knows how important family is, and he might not want Ariel to hurt Sandra, especially since he values his business partnership with her grandfather, Joaquín. Ariel is new to this business, so he might not understand the consequences of his actions as well as others do. Don Rafael might step in to protect Sandra if Ariel doesn’t listen to Lucía. Additionally, Rocío’s revelation about Víctor being the father of her daughter could lead to undercover cops tracking Ariel down to keep his child safe.