We Have Always Lived in the Castle: Where was Blackwood Castle located in the film?

We Have Always Lived in the Castle: Where was Blackwood Castle located in the film?

“We Have Always Lived in the Castle,” Stacie Passon’s mysterious tale, is mostly set inside the Blackwood family’s old house. We meet the interesting sisters Mary Katherine, who goes by the name Merricat, and Constance Blackwood here. They choose to stay inside the castle walls with their uncle Julian after their parents were tragically killed. Julian barely escaped the same terrifying event that killed his brother and sister-in-law.

It’s not just a setting for the movie; the house is a real reflection of the Blackwood family’s past and the secrets they keep. This large building, which has roots in Ireland in 1835, becomes the center of attention as Passon and photographer Piers McGrail skillfully weave layers of mystery and drama around it. With their skilled crafting, they turn the castle into a creepy house that is covered in shadows that hide the mysteries surrounding the Blackwood family.

Blackwood Castle Located in Manor Kilbride

The rural house shown in “We Have Always Lived in the Castle” is called “The Manor,” and it is in the small Irish town of Manor Kilbride, which is in the beautiful County Wicklow. It’s only about 800 meters from the N81 highway and in a quiet area, only 10 km from Blessington and 30 km from Dublin, which is the busy capital city of Ireland. This historic property covers 13.7 acres and has a big two-story home that is 7,000 square feet and has six large bedrooms.

The beautiful country house was used by director Stacie Passon while shooting the movie. At the time, Margaret Cully owned it. Margaret had lived on the farm for more than fifty years, giving it a lot of history and a classic beauty.

Blackwood Castle location
Blackwood Castle Located in Manor Kilbride

The Story Behind ‘The Manor’

The Manor was constructed in 1835 and showcases the beauty of Elizabethan Gothic style, featuring grand meeting rooms and ceilings with decorative panels. Within Cully’s stay, the walls of the drawing room were covered with fourteen scenery paintings that were painstakingly painted by hand by the famous marine artist Edwin Hayes.

The estate’s luxurious rooms are matched by its large parks, lush forests, private lake, and charming garden that Cully personally took great care of. She told The Irish Times about a flower show that started with daffodils and bluebells in early spring and ended with the exquisite beauty of rhododendrons, some of which have been there for more than one hundred years. The varied plants, including tall Scots pine, grand Spanish chestnut, and graceful black poplar trees, make the property even more appealing.

There is a famous historic hotel in Hidden Ireland called The Manor. It is the entrance to the Wicklow Mountains National Park, which is 51,000 acres of protected natural beauty. Cully’s openness to guests from May to September made sure that they experienced the house’s obvious beauty and unchanging character.

In 2019, Cully made the difficult decision to list the property for sale, more than a year following the premiere of a notable film. Valued at €2.25 million, her desire was to see a new family enjoy the residence where she had raised her four children. Ultimately, the property found a buyer through Colliers, with the identity of the current owner remaining undisclosed.

Manor Kilbride is the main village near the River Liffey. It is in a beautiful area. The Brittas River flows through this area, and there is a bridge inside the Manor that crosses it. The village’s name comes from a house that Sir Lorenzo Moore built in the early 1800s. The style of architecture used for the house was Tudor Revival.