Here is a list of the top ten most fashionable places to visit all across the world.

Here is a list of the top ten most fashionable places to visit all across the world.

It’s not easy to decide where to go on vacation! Even while there is inspiration everywhere (hello, Instagram! ), it may be challenging at times to select the ideal location to go to.

Tripadvisor, is an American online travel company that operates a website and mobile app with user-generated content and a comparison-shopping website. It has announced the winners of the Traveller’s Choice Destination Awards for 2020, including the top 10 trending locations that have experienced the largest rises in favorable reviews and ratings. This is intended to assist users in making decisions about where to vacation in the next year. These are the ones that made it through the screening process!

Krakow, Poland

Stepping into Krakow, you’ll feel like you’ve strolled directly into a Disney movie. There are stone walkways, horse-drawn carriages, a medieval town center that has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a castle that looks like something out of a fairy tale. And after you’ve finished exploring the more historic parts of town, there are plenty of hip cafés and swanky pubs for you to check out.

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Cloth Hall square Poland Krakow

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Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv, which literally translates to “Hill of Spring,” is the kind of place you should visit if you are the kind of person who thrives on a full schedule. There are many things to see and do, but you absolutely cannot miss the stunning beaches along the Mediterranean, the forward-thinking culinary scene, and the famed nightlife.

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Tel Aviv Travel

Tel Aviv Yafo Israel


Zakynthos, Greece

A piece of paradise may be found in the middle of the Ionian Sea, and it gives off the impression that it was designed specifically with leisure in mind. Before you lay down on the renowned white sand at Navagio (Shipwreck) Beach, put your toes on the awe-inspiring turquoise blue seas that surround the beach. After you’ve gotten your fill of the excitement that Zakynthos has to offer, it’s time to try some of the regional specialties, such as the olives, and take in the island’s picture-perfect scenery.

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shipwreck beach navagio guide

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things to do in zakynthos greece

Da Nang, Vietnam

While you may have never heard of Da Nag, it is a city not to be missed. It’s not only cheap, but it’s also a great opportunity to learn about local Vietnamese culture. Book a gourmet tour, go on an off-road adventure to Monkey Mountain, or pamper yourself with a peaceful spa treatment that will make you never want to leave this magnificent city.

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Lombok, Indonesia

Instead of planning a trip to Bali, you should give Lombok a go the next time you’re debating where to go on vacation. It will provide the same kind of relaxed environment that you like, but with a smaller number of people around at any one time. In addition, there will continue to be an unlimited number of alternatives for trekking, as well as world-class diving places and breathtaking beaches.

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Gili Island coast Lombok Indonesia Lesser Sunda


Gramado, Brazil


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When you enter the Gramado, you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped into a Swiss alpine community. There are stores selling gourmet chocolate, restaurants providing creamy fondue, and cozy Swiss chalet-style hotels to stay in. Not to mention the beautiful mountain ranges that define the background of this resort city.

Porto Seguro, Brazil

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Porto Seguro Bahia Brazil Historic Center

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Put Porto Seguro on your travel itinerary if you’re seeking a good time and lively nightlife. You’ll be invited to participate in performances being put on by beach huts around the city’s waterfront that are playing music, providing dancing lessons, or all three of those things. The next morning, while you’re still recovering from your hangover, tour the city center of Porto Seguro to find out more about the town’s past.

Porto, Portugal

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Porto Portugal

Cobbled street charm, stunning buildings with historical importance, and exquisite cuisine and wine. These are the things you’ll discover in Porto, coupled with the charming residents that will immediately win you over. Still not convinced? The city is inexpensive and close to the picturesque Douro Valley.

Luzon, Philippines

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Luzon, which is the biggest island in the Philippines, is beginning to get the attention of an increasing number of people. The breathtaking natural setting has a plethora of quaint towns, peaceful beaches, uncharted forests, and breathtaking vistas that are incomparable to anything else that you have seen in the past.

Kochi (Cochin), India

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Chinese fishing nets Kochi


The picturesque port city of Kochi, situated on India’s southwest coast, is ranked first. There are delightful cafés, cultural centers, and architecture that pays homage to the city’s Dutch, Chinese, Portuguese, and British histories. And if you’re wondering what those massive structures littering the port are, they’re Chinese fishing nets brought from the 14th-century palace of Chinese adventurer Zheg He.