Here are the top ten social media movements of 2022 that altered the web.

Here are the top ten social media movements of 2022 that altered the web.

The year is ending, and one of my favorite ways to reflect on it is to look over my social media accounts — the words I’ve tweeted, the photos I’ve posted on Instagram, the insane diary entries I published on Nike Run Club, etc. And each year, I’m compelled to admit that as time passes, society changes in ways that appear illogical but are usually overcorrections for problems in our internet ecology. Think about how people posted on Facebook before and now: Each year, the cyclical internet tells us that things change.

We’ve modified how, where, when, and what we share online. Join me as I learn from the 2022 Social Media Past.

Blurry, hyper-zoomed in pics

Instagram formerly featured over-edited, glamorized everyday life photos. As the epidemic spread, it became old. Because of the pandemic, users with expensive lifestyles were penalized. Late in 2021, people began uploading fuzzy images on Instagram. By 2022, it was not only normal but encouraged to snap a gorgeous shot of a tablescape and zoom in so closely on something random that the borders blurred. As the owner of a brick-like smartphone, I enjoy this modification.

Photo dumps take their last stand

Photo dumps may go the way of Instagram filters and frames by 2023. We overused them in 2021 and continued in 2022. Use is waning. 2023 will tell.


be real

This year, the software that promised to revolutionize everything captured our attention. It was established in 2020 but popularised in 2022. According to my colleague Elena Cavender, Instagram users were weary of adverts and an algorithm that made it harder to view pals. BeReal claimed to be Instagram’s casual version. Instagram apparently explored copying some of BeReal’s innovations.


NFT launched a Twitter status sign this year. In January, Twitter Blue users could verify their own NFTs and display them in profile photographs. Meta-owned Facebook and Instagram rolled out NFT in September for all U.S. users. Hope this continues in 2022.

New ways to pay creators

This year brought users and platforms new methods to compensate platform creators. Tumblr established a tip jar so users may reward their favorite artists; YouTube revealed additional options for creators to generate money; Snapchat is experimenting with ad income sharing with creators. People listen. Two-thirds of Gen Z intends to generate money on social media in 2023, according to Instagram.

Social media is the new search engine

BLOG Social Media the new Search Engine ft

Google out, TikTok and Instagram in. In 2022, Google’s senior vice president of Google Search, Prabhakar Raghavan, told TechCrunch that 40% of young people use TikTok or Instagram to search instead of Google Maps or Google Search.

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