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Xbox Cloud Gaming Subscribers and Revenue: 2023 Statistics and Data

Xbox Cloud Gaming Subscribers and Revenue: 2023 Statistics and Data

Xbox Cloud Gaming is one of the leading cloud gaming platforms that a tremendous number of gamers are flocking to all the time, as it offers a wide variety of benefits and brings gaming closer to people who do not have the budget to invest in expensive gaming rigs. Since this service has been taking the gaming world by storm, we’re going to be displaying some Xbox Cloud Gaming statistics and facts to see the numbers behind its success and what makes it tick.

Xbox Cloud Gaming key stats

Since Xbox Cloud Gaming is a service and can’t really be divided into different sections, we’re going to contain all of the stats for the service in this one section, so everything is nice and condensed. We’ll go over user percentages, total users, revenue, and much more just so we can understand what makes this service what it is and what has given it longevity in the very competitive gaming industry.

25 million Xbox Cloud Gaming subscribers

  • The service had 10 million subscribers in April 2020.
  • The service had 15 million subscribers in September 2020.
  • The service had 18 million subscribers in January 2021.
  • The service had 25 million subscribers in January 2022.

In the first line of stats, we can see some fairly steady growth for Xbox Cloud Gaming since it was first released in 2019. Steady growth implies an acclimation process where users are getting used to a new service, and a new concept all the same, and we can see here that xCloud managed to climb the leaderboards of the most popular cloud gaming services to establish itself as a top competitor.

Xbox Cloud Gaming made under $50 million in 2021

  • Xbox Cloud Gaming is set to become the largest cloud gaming service by 2026.
  • The service should be generating upwards of $450 million at that time.
  • In 2021, PS Now was the best cloud gaming service by revenue.
  • It is also speculated that the cloud gaming industry will grow in value from $400 million to $1.05 billion, which is a 300% increase.

What we said about an acclimation process is exactly this. In 2021, xCloud didn’t manage to fetch astronomical revenue as everyone had expected, instead only generating $50 million in revenue for the year. This is not that much considering the grand scope of the gaming industry in general, but it is bound to increase as time goes on, especially if the assumptions made by analysts turn out to be true.

In 2019, only Xbox Cloud Gaming mattered

  • Xbox Cloud Gaming had 740,000 subscribers in 2019.
  • In Q2 2020, Xbox Cloud gaming had 2 million subscribers, 91% more than Google Stadia Pro.
  • In Q4 2020, Xbox Cloud Gaming had 4.4 million subscribers, 87% more than Google Stadia Pro,
  • Facebook Gaming, and Amazon Luna combined.
  • In Q2 2021, Xbox Cloud Gaming had 7.5 million subscribers, 68% more than Google Stadia Pro, Facebook Gaming, and Amazon Luna combined.
  • In Q4 2021, Xbox Cloud Gaming had 13.2 million subscribers, 55% more than Google Stadia, Facebook Gaming, and Amazon Luna combined.

The steady growth of Xbox Cloud Gaming is apparent when you look at these numbers and compare them to some of its main competitors for each time frame, and it is quite apparent that there is no contest there. xCloud has been miles ahead of other cloud gaming services, simply because it offers a streamlined experience that is hard to beat.

Wrap up,

We have gone through the most important components of Xbox Cloud Gaming, which is a well-known cloud platform in the gaming business. The most recent data can give the impression that there isn’t much going on in the cloud gaming industry, but it’s crucial to keep in mind that this sector is in fact fast advancing and making significant strides forward. This material will be kept up to date as the industry develops, and we will provide you with the most recent insights on Xbox Cloud Gaming and the wider cloud gaming scene. We really hope that you found this content to be helpful and that it has provided satisfactory answers to any questions that you may have had.