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Star Citizen’s Revenue: How Much Money Has Been Generated? 2023 Update

Star Citizen’s Revenue: How Much Money Has Been Generated? 2023 Update

Our focus for the day is going to be on Star Citizen. This is an elaborate space simulation game in which you take the position of a space warrior via a variety of various combat modes. These combat modes range from first-person shooting to massively multiplayer parts, and there is also a relatively basic space simulator in which you may explore all that the universe has to offer.

The game has not yet been released, despite the fact that it was funded via Kickstarter in 2012 and that its production started the previous year. Since then, a significant amount of money has been raised for the game using the platform of crowdsourcing.

We are going to offer some facts about Star Citizen so that you can understand how the game has evolved over the years and where it is heading in the future. This is a really ambitious project, and the game should be rather substantial.

In a similar vein, if you are curious in the total number of people that play video games throughout the globe, we can provide you with that information as well.

Star Citizen Key Statistics

We are going to compress all of the pertinent data into one section since the game is still in the process of being actively developed; this will ensure that the overview of the game is comprehensive. We will discuss total sales, revenue, and a great deal more in this article, and we really hope that what we have to say about this amazing game will answer any concerns that you may have about it.

Star Citizen crowdfunded $600 million

  • The first Star Citizen Kickstarter campaign, which began in 2012 and ended in 2014, raised a total of $2.1 million.
  • As of the time this was written, the total amount of fundraising had reached 597 million dollars.
  • The creators established financing goals that would result in further features being added to the game, such as spacecraft, star systems, and other elements.

People speak a lot about the fact that the majority of Star Citizen’s financing comes from crowdfunding campaigns, which are supported by enthusiastic players and supporters who want to see the game succeed. This is the aspect that stands out the most when people discuss the game. The first fundraiser began in 2012 and got off to a very promising start, easily garnering a couple of million dollars. Since that time, the overall financing for the game has utterly exploded, and in the space of 11 years it has accumulated more than a billion dollars. If it keeps up at this rate, there is a good chance that the total financing will surpass one billion dollars.

Star Citizen raised $60.7 million in 2019—a record

  • Crowdfunding and individual contributions brought in a total of $47.6 million.
  • Incentives, sponsors, license agreements, and collaboration agreements helped bring in a total of $9.4 million.
  • Through the sale of subscriptions, $3.6 million was collected.
  • When compared to the total profits of $48.9 million in 2018, the total earnings in 2019 were up 24%.

There is no doubting that the overall financing is significant; but, it is as vital to look at the details about certain years of development and the revenues that come from them. 2019 was a landmark year for Cloud Imperium Games, as the sum of the company’s overall earnings, which came in at $60.7 million, was a new high for the business. Crowdfunding is a fundamental component of Star Citizen and contributed the lion’s share of the total funds raised.


CIG spent $70.4 million in 2019

  • The costs associated with paying employees were $39.7 million.
  • Publishing and marketing cost an overall total of $11.4 million dollars.
  • The expenses of contracted development were $5.6 million in expenditures.
  • Other development-related expenses totaled $8.9 million in expenditures.
  • The general and administrative costs came to $2.2 million.
  • Trading in Capex cost $2.4 million dollars in total expenditures.

When incomes are high, spending tends to follow suit. CIG ended up spending more money than it made, but this was to be anticipated given that the game’s creators are definitely working hard to significantly improve the game’s quality with each passing year. All we can do now is wait and watch what they bring to the galactic table in the years to come.

2019 players earned 29.2 billion credits in one month

  • Total earnings:
    • 22.5 billion from cargo transactions
    • 5.2 billion from mission rewards
    • 986.3 million from service beacon contract payments
    • 320.1 million from refinery transactions
    • 37.5 billion in commodity value earned by players
  • Earnings breakdown by activity:
    • 18.6 billion (49%) from trading
    • 15.6 billion (42%) from mining
    • 3.2 billion (9%) from hand gathering
  • Total player spending: 43.2 billion aUEC
  • Spending breakdown by category:
    • 69.3% on commodities
    • 18.2% on vehicles
    • 4.3% on vehicle equipment
    • 3.5% on vehicle weapons
    • 1.5% on armor
    • 1.4% on FPS weapons
    • 0.6% on miscellaneous goods
    • 0.5% on apparel
    • 0.4% on FPS attachments
    • 0.12% on tools
    • 0.08% on ammunition
  • Most purchased ships: Anvil Hawk, Drake Caterpillar, Origin M5, Anvil Valkyrie, and Anvil Hurricane were the ships that were bought the most.
  • Most purchased weapons: P4-AR Ballistic Rifle, Custodian Energy Submachine Gun, P8-SC Ballistic SMC, Scalpel Ballistic Sniper Rifle, and Devastator Energy Shotgun were the five weapons that were bought the most often.

The following are some astronomically lucrative statistics gleaned from a portion of the time that players have spent playing Star Citizen dating all the way back to the year 2019. There isn’t much more that can be said about this topic other than the fact that it provides a greater perspective on the immense scope that is Star Citizen and all that its players may do just by playing the game.

Between January and October 2019, Star Citizen players played 1,064 years

  • Regarding the stations, Area 18 was where players spend the most of their time (31,33%).
  • Regarding planets, asteroids, and moons, the players spent the most percentage of their time in Hurston (27.69%).
  • The RSI Aurora was the ship that was flown the most times.
  • There were 17.6 million people that were killed.
  • The remaining 16.5% of kills came from PvP, while the remaining 83.5% came from PvE.
  • The Behrine P4-AR Ballistic Rifle was the deadliest weapon ever created, accounting for 1.39 million deaths.
  • The Anvil Arrow was the most deadly ship in the game, accounting for 1.49 million deaths.
  • The United States, Germany, and France came in first, second, and third, respectively, when it came to the video game Star Citizen.

More statistics about the players! This time, it’s a little bloodier and takes a little bit longer. Playing the game for ten months resulted in one thousand years of gaming, which is quite a big amount for a game that is still in the process of being developed. In spite of the amount of time that players invested over this time period, the overall number of kills is rather modest when compared to other games that are in a similar vein to Star Citizen. This brings home the point that this is a space simulation that places an emphasis on exploration more than it does on player conflict.

Star Citizen has 18.1 million Twitch hours in 2022

  • The game was aired for a total of 673,045 hours.
  • On a daily basis, there were 2,074 spectators tuning in to watch the game.
  • On average, 76 different networks were broadcasting the game simultaneously.
  • It had a viewing ratio of 27, which was very high.
  • The maximum number of viewers who watched it was 268,042.
  • The game was broadcasted by a total of 26,439 different stations.

Star Citizen is a highly complicated game that can take hundreds of hours to thoroughly explore and play through, and as a result, it is excellent for Twitch broadcasting. since of this, many people who like to watch games rather than play them will find a great lot of pleasure from Star Citizen since it is a game that may take hundreds of hours to fully explore and play through. Although it did not get the same level of viewing as some of the most popular games on the website, it nevertheless performs very well in comparison to other examples of its category and subfield.

Cloud Imperium Games joined Turbulent

  • Before the purchase, the two organizations had worked together as partners for a total of 11 years.
  • Star Citizen was developed with assistance from Turbulent on a variety of fronts, including social networks, the game’s website, concept development, and artistic direction.
  • Following the purchase, Star Citizen now has more than 1,100 people working on developing the game.
  • Despite the fact that this does not necessarily imply that the development of Star Citizen would be completed any quicker, it does suggest that it will be more unified.
  • As a consequence of this, Cloud Imperium Games has become one of the most successful independent game businesses.

And lastly, we simply have some news on the purchase that took place between Cloud Imperium Games and Turbulent, which is a game development business that has worked in tandem with CIG to make the best out of Star Citizen ever since it was conceived. We obviously do not know what the long-term implications of this development will be for CIG as a whole, but all we can do is wait and see what happens.

In Conclusion,
In this succinct yet awe-inspiring ten-minute read, we’ve endeavored to capture the immensity of the cosmos as reflected in Star Citizen. The statistics showcased here bear witness to the monumental nature of this project, which has undergone continuous development and enhancements over the past decade. The result is an extraordinary game, a true masterpiece of its genre, and an unparalleled space simulation experience.

As a constantly evolving endeavor, we eagerly anticipate what the future holds for Star Citizen in one year, two years, five years, or even a decade from now. With every milestone achieved, we pledge to keep this content updated with the latest information as it becomes available over time. Indeed, Star Citizen’s journey into the stars is an epic saga that continues to captivate and inspire both players and developers alike.