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PlayStation Plus subscribers count in 2023: Data and Statistics

PlayStation Plus subscribers count in 2023: Data and Statistics

In contrast to the good old days when a Playstation system came with the machine itself and the games you purchased, now we have something called PlayStation Plus, which is a subscription service that is intended to improve the gaming experience and provide you additional options to enjoy on Playstation 5. The actual service is segmented into various categories: essential, additional, and premium, and each of these tiers comes with its own set of perks that contribute to the overall attractiveness of the offering.

In order to make things more obvious, we are going to dig into the intricacies of PlayStation Plus by studying some PlayStation Plus statistics, which will give you some perspective on the scale of the service itself. The value of the gaming business is driven in large part by the proliferation of services such as these, as well as by the ongoing process of gaming’s evolution toward more sophistication.

PS+ statistics

PlayStation Plus is a basic service with few statistics, thus this section will cover all of them. It will investigate subscription figures, disputes, and other important information.

March 2023 saw 47.4 million PlayStation Plus customers

  • When compared to the 50 million users that PlayStation Plus had in 2014, this is a 500% increase in the number of subscriptions.
  • When compared to the high of 48 million members that it reached in 2021, this is a 1.2% reduction in the number of customers.
  • The whole system will be redesigned in 2020, which resulted in a decline in the number of subscribers.
  • After a recent update, players were left wondering what the purpose of the subscription service was since they were no longer able to comprehend its previous value.
  • Despite this, many players who were forced to undergo the Covid-19 lockout found the service to be rather useful in getting through it.

The number of people who subscribe to PlayStation Plus is still quite impressive despite the fact that the number of subscribers has decreased over the course of the past few months; however, some analysts believe that the number of PlayStation Plus subscribers will increase in the not-too-distant future as an increasing number of consumers become accustomed to the service and all of the perks it provides.


2022 PlayStation Plus Essential users got almost $1,304 in free games

  • From 2018 to 2020, PlayStation Plus customers received a monthly retail value of free video games that was less than the previous year’s value.
  • On the other hand, the monthly retail value of free video games saw a substantial spike in 2021. This was due to the fact that more people were downloading them.
  • The year 2022 saw a total of 37 free games being made available to users of PlayStation Plus Essential.
  • These free games have a total worth that was more than $1,304 when added together.

The PlayStation Plus program from Sony has long been recognized for the fact that it provides its customers with free copies of video games, which significantly increases the value of the membership. This has been especially crucial for users of PlayStation Plus Essential, who, in 2022, got a remarkable assortment of 37 free titles. The fact that the total retail value of these titles was more than $1,304 demonstrates Sony’s dedication to providing its users with an extensive gaming library.

It is interesting to note that this act of charity comes after a recent decline. Between the years 2018 and 2020, there was a discernible reduction in the monthly retail value of the complimentary games that were made available to PlayStation Plus customers. This decline may have been caused by a number of different causes in the market or strategic choices made by Sony. On the other hand, the trend started to move in a more favorable direction in 2021, which resulted in a significant rise in the average monthly retail value of free games. This progression upwards continued until the year 2022, ending in the high-value offering that customers of PlayStation Plus Essential got to take advantage of. The value proposition that is offered by these free games continues to be a big motivator for players to subscribe to PlayStation Plus.

The three-tier revamp cost PlayStation Plus 1.9 million users between July and September 2022

  • Despite the fact that the new service is superior in many ways, the number of subscribers declined from 47.3 million to 45.4 million. However, at the same time, the company’s sales has increased by 10%, reaching 116 billion yen, which is equivalent to $788 million.
  • The relaunch featured three overlapping levels, which led to confusion among prospective members regarding which tier allowed access to which period of games.

The relaunched offerings, which made hundreds of PlayStation classics accessible via a monthly subscription, were not successful in drawing in a significant number of new users. The company has made the decision to charge a separate fee of $70 for new first-party games rather than include them in the subscription package itself. Despite the relaunch, the number of subscribers has remained on its downward trend, which began in the autumn of 2021 and has resulted in a total loss of 2.6 million since it reached its high the previous year.


According to the company’s Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki, the reduction may be linked to a variety of factors, including the waning of the pandemic, falling sales of third-party games and PlayStation 4, and a lack of “aggressive” advertising investment. Totoki expressed hope that “very good titles” and improved advertising would help the company recoup the lost customers. On the other hand, the most recent numbers that have been revealed for Game Pass indicate that the number of members has increased from 18 million to 25 million in only one year, indicating a pattern that is counter to that of PlayStation Plus.

To summarize PlayStation Plus’s eventful history in the gaming industry, the service’s relaunch did not get a lot of positive feedback when it was first introduced, but since then, the company has been able to reestablish itself and has been steadily increasing the number of people who sign up for its service. In any case, that is all we have to say about the service, and we really hope that you have found this information to be both enjoyable and enlightening.