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Lisa Armstrong’s Journey: Healing Heartbreak and Considering a Fresh Start in the US”

Lisa Armstrong’s Journey: Healing Heartbreak and Considering a Fresh Start in the US”

Following the turbulent conclusion of her romantic relationship with James Green, Lisa Armstrong is currently pondering the possibility of embarking on a new phase in her life, which involves relocating to the United States in order to pursue a fresh beginning. According to insider accounts provided to Closer, Lisa has experienced a tumultuous emotional journey following her separation, expressing a strong need for a change in environment as well as an opportunity for personal healing.

A Yearning for a New Beginning

Lisa, 47, is mulling her post-Christmas plans as she navigates her usual responsibilities on Strictly Come Dancing. Her recent separation with James Green, which escalated into legal threats over a large sum he allegedly owes her, has left her in a difficult emotional place.

Considering a Move Abroad

The prospect of relocating to Los Angeles has been on Lisa’s mind, particularly to seek solace and support from her friend Craig Young. Her visits to LA in the past have been refreshing, and the idea of a permanent move seems more plausible now, given her recent split and the upcoming quiet period after the holidays.

Insights into Lisa’s Relationships

Lisa’s relationship with James Green took a sour turn after a seemingly promising start. They met in 2020, and James moved into Lisa’s London home the following year. However, their relationship abruptly ended in August when James unexpectedly moved out, leading to a legal dispute over financial matters.

Coping with Previous Heartbreak

Lisa’s past heartaches include her highly-publicized divorce from TV presenter Ant McPartlin. Their separation in 2018 culminated in a divorce settlement worth millions, and Ant’s subsequent marriage to Anne-Marie Corbett. The ongoing legal battles and public scrutiny have taken a toll on Lisa’s emotional well-being.

Lisa’s Journey Towards Healing

Despite the emotional turmoil and legal battles, Lisa plans to visit Craig Young in LA and spend quality time in Mexico with her mother in January. This escape might offer the solace she needs to contemplate a potential move to the US for a fresh start and new opportunities.



What prompted Lisa Armstrong’s consideration of a move to the US?

Following her recent split with James Green and the emotional distress it caused, Lisa is contemplating a move for a fresh start and a chance to heal in a different environment.

What led to the legal dispute between Lisa and James Green?

After their sudden breakup, issues emerged surrounding a substantial sum of money James reportedly owes Lisa, resulting in legal threats.

How has Lisa coped with her past relationships, especially her divorce from Ant McPartlin?

The aftermath of her divorce from Ant McPartlin and ongoing legal battles have taken a toll on Lisa’s emotional well-being, adding to the challenges she faces currently.

What’s Lisa’s immediate plan for healing?

Lisa intends to visit her friend in LA and spend quality time in Mexico with her mother for a much-needed break and contemplation.

Is Lisa seriously considering a move to the US?

Lisa is open to the idea of relocating to Los Angeles, considering the opportunities and support she has there, but she plans to keep an open mind during her upcoming visit.

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