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Diversity Staffing Report

At FilmiFeed, we are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects the richness of our global community. This report provides an overview of our team’s diversity demographics as of 2023.

Total Workforce Composition

  • Total Employees: 250
  • Full-Time Employees: 200
  • Part-Time Employees: 50

Gender Diversity

  • Male Employees: 40%
  • Female Employees: 55%
  • Non-Binary/Other Gender Identities: 5%

Ethnic Diversity

  • White/Caucasian: 60%
  • Black/African American: 15%
  • Asian: 10%
  • Hispanic/Latinx: 10%
  • Native American/Indigenous: 2%
  • Other Ethnicities: 3%

Age Diversity

  • Under 30: 40%
  • 30-50: 50%
  • Over 50: 10%

People with Disabilities

  • Employees with Disabilities: 8%

LGBTQ+ Representation

  • LGBTQ+ Employees: 7%

Action Plan for Diversity and Inclusion

  • Recruitment and Hiring: Implement strategies to attract diverse talent and create an inclusive hiring process.
  • Training and Education: Launch initiatives to enhance diversity awareness and foster an inclusive workplace culture.
  • Employee Resource Groups: Support employee-led groups promoting diversity and inclusion.
  • Leadership Commitment: Ensure leadership commitment to diversity goals and hold accountable for progress.

Future Goals

  • Diversity Targets: Aim to increase diversity by 15% in the next year across all demographics.
  • Continuous Evaluation: Plan regular assessments and reviews of progress towards diversity goals.

Thank you for your interest in our commitment to diversity and inclusion. We aim to continually improve and create a workplace that values and respects all individuals.

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