Deadliest Mums & Dads: The Discovery+ Episode ‘A Father’s Fury’ – Where is Travis Stackhouse Now?

Deadliest Mums & Dads: The Discovery+ Episode 'A Father’s Fury' - Where is Travis Stackhouse Now?

In June 2019, Macshell Davis from Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, told the police that she was worried about her son Sir Ameir Stackhouse, who was 5 years old and wasn’t responding. It was sad to hear that the child had died when the cops came.

The show “Deadliest Mums & Dads” on Discovery+ looks into what happened to Sir and finds that he was killed. The episode is called “A Father’s Fury.” They are trying to figure out why someone would hurt a child that young for no reason.

Sir Ameir Stackhouse Murder Case

Travis Stackhouse and Macshell Davis met when Macshell was only 17. They fell in love right away, and in 2013 they had their first child, Travis Jr. They had another son the next year, in 2014. His name is Sir Ameir Stackhouse. They had three more kids after that. Travis Jr. and Sir stayed close even as their family grew. Sir was always able to make everyone smile. His mom said he was a happy and loved kid.

Sir was a big fan of superheroes, especially the Avengers. He also liked singing with his family for fun. Although they sometimes had money problems, this big family of seven lived happily in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. His dad took care of the kids at home while his mom worked to help pay the bills. They seemed just like any other family.

Sir Ameir Stackhouse photo
Pictured: Sir Ameir Stackhouse (fandom)

How did Sir Ameir Stackhouse die?

One evening in June 2019, they had friends over, chatting on the porch while the kids played upstairs. During the get-together, Travis told Macshell that Sir had slipped and fallen down the stairs but seemed okay. After the guests left, Macshell found Sir sleeping on the couch and thought he was just tired. Travis had gone out with his friends by then.

She woke up around 2 a.m. and saw Sir still asleep on the couch with vomit on his face. She got worried and tried to clean him up, but he didn’t wake up. So, she called for help, and the police came and took him to the hospital.

Medical professionals said Sir Ameir Stackhouse had been dead for many hours before it was officially pronounced dead at 4:30 a.m. on June 22. The next day, Macshell told the cops that he had fallen down the stairs. But the coroner’s report said Sir died because he was hit hard in the stomach, which made his stomach burst. His death was called murder, and the cops began to look into it.

Who Revealed the Identity of Sir Ameir Stackhouse’s Killer?

Sir Ameir Stackhouse’s older brother revealed the identity of his killer.

After hearing what Sir Ameir Stackhouse’s mom, Macshell Davis, said on June 22, 2019, the cops didn’t fully believe her. In order to ask them questions, they brought both parents to the station. While Travis Stackhouse was at a party, he said he saw Sir fall down the stairs many times. But each time, Sir got back up and played with his brothers and sisters upstairs. After going to the bathroom, Travis saw Sir having trouble walking and throwing up. When asked if he was okay, Sir said yes.

Travis Stackhouse image
Pictured: Travis Stackhouse (New York Post)

Travis kept telling different stories every time the cops asked for more information. He said this time that he saw Travis Jr. hit Sir while they were playing. He thought Sir might have been hurt when the brothers fought. Macshell, on the other hand, said Travis used to be a good dad but that he started using drugs in 2018 and would hit his kids sometimes. They were scared of how he treated them, so she told him to stop.

Macshell also said that Travis got upset at Sir for eating the Father’s Day cheesecake when he left the house. Travis didn’t seem to care that much about being mad when his friends laughed about it. The cops then asked their oldest son, Travis Jr., what had happened. Travis Jr. said that their dad found out that Sir had eaten the cheesecake on June 21. Travis then hit Sir many times on the back of the hand and punched him in the stomach. Travis Jr. said Sir looked bad after that.

After a lot of questioning, Travis finally admitted that he got very angry and punched Sir in the stomach, making him fall. He said he kept hitting Sir, even hitting him in the face with the back of his hand many times.

Travis also said he had a metal rod in his hand from an old injury, which might have hurt Sir more than he meant to. After hearing this, the police realized Macshell didn’t have anything to do with Sir’s death, so they let her go. Travis was charged with first-degree murder.

Where is Travis Stackhouse Now?

The people who were speaking against Travis Stackhouse saw that he started to feel bad about what he did as his court date got near. He knew he was wrong and agreed to be guilty of less serious crimes in May 2021. Among these were not taking care of a child properly, being careless and killing a child by accident, and hurting a child on purpose.

His opponents said he admitted crime because he wanted to take responsibility for what he did, not because he wanted a lighter sentence. He was given 20 years in jail and will be watched for another 8 years after he starts his release. Travis is in the Stanley Correctional Institution in Stanley, Wisconsin. He is 33 years old now. The exact rules about when he could be let out of jail have not been made public.