CW’s Sight Unseen: Where was the Show Filmed? Was it Inspired by Real Story?

CW's Sight Unseen: Where was the Show Filmed? Was it Inspired by Real Story?

‘Sight Unseen’ was made for The CW by Karen and Nikolijne Troubetzkoy. Tess Avery is a smart detective who stars in this crime show. Leber’s genetic optic neuropathy is the name of the eye problem that makes her lose her sight while she’s working on a big case. She finds out she’s blind after going to the doctor.

The cops soon told her she had to leave because she could no longer do her job because she was blind. Sunny, Tess’s friend, assists her by giving her a unique phone app that boosts her vision. To keep helping the cops solve crimes without drawing too much attention to herself, Tess can using this app.

Tess does everything she can to stay independent and keep doing the things she loves, even though she has trouble seeing. Fantastic acting by Dolly Lewis, Agam Darshi, Jarod Joseph, Daniel Gillies, and Roger Cross, along with stunning visuals that make everything feel real, make the thrilling story of cops solving scary crimes even better.

CW's Sight Unseen
Daniel Gillies and Dolly Lewis in Sight Unseen (2024)

Where was ‘Sight Unseen’ Filmed?

The first season of “Sight Unseen” began filming around the end of July 2023 and went on for about four months, ending in early November of that year. The movie was mostly filmed in and around Vancouver, British Columbia.

Vancouver, British Columbia: Most of the important parts in the movie “Sight Unseen” were shot in Vancouver, British Columbia, which is a big, busy city in the Lower Mainland region. The stars and crew stayed in different parts of the city to film scenes inside and outside with nice backgrounds. Shots from above might sometimes show the well-known Lions Gate Bridge. It’s likely that some scenes were also shot in a nearby movie studio.

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Actress Alice Christina-Corrigan, who plays Mia Moss on the crime show, wrote on social media about how she felt while filming the first season. “Being Mia Moss was amazing! Playing this bold, confident, and funny character was like living a dream! (Honestly, I’m trying to act cool, but I still can’t believe how lucky I am.) Thanks to @kat.troubetzkoy & @nikolijne for believing in me, and to the fantastic cast & crew. Here are some behind-the-scenes photos that make me happy. Now, please get me on a flight to Canada, I even miss being jet-lagged.”

The Show is Based on Real Events

Though not entirely true, parts of the story are based on things that really happened to one of the creators, Karen Troubetzkoy. Working together with her sister Nikolijne, she took inspiration from her own struggle with losing her sight and made an interesting story about a detective who also has eyesight problems. Karen herself woke up one day and couldn’t see properly because her retinas had detached after a night out with her friends.

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Daniel Gillies and Dolly Lewis in Sight Unseen (2024)

She couldn’t see, so she was taken to the hospital right away. Medical professionals there immediately worked on both of her eyes. Karen got better slowly after many surgeries over twenty years, which made her and her family very happy.

The scary time she went through affected her a lot. So, she decided to make a TV show with a main character who can’t see. To make this happen, Karen and her brother got help from a group of people, like experts, writers, and even a detective who had lost his vision but kept working.

Karen Troubetzkoy appreciated the team working behind the scenes for showing visual impairment accurately.

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Dolly Lewis in Sight Unseen (2024)

She told the Toronto Star, “We’ve had people working on the show at different levels who are visually impaired, and some who have experience with visual impairment in the cast. Dolly (Lewis, who plays lead cop Tess Avery) has vision differences (she has a retinal detachment in both eyes), and she’s new to this industry but she’s doing a great job. We hope that by watching ‘Sight Unseen,’ viewers, especially those who can see well, will see the world in a new way.”

‘Sight Unseen’ Official Trailer

Where to Watch the Show?

With ads, you can watch “Sight Unseen – Season 1” on CTV in Canada starting January 21, 2024. From April 3, 2024, you can watch it on The CW Network in the United States.