Canada’s Ultimate Challenge | Wiki, Cast, and Trivia

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Canada’s Ultimate Challenge is a competitive reality style in which the whole nation is transformed into a massive obstacle course. Six remarkable coaches will lead and advise teams of ordinary Canadians through site-specific physical challenges in a novel competition system. {Official Website} {Official Instagram}

Each episode will be hosted by professional snowboarder Craig McMorris and sportscaster Nikki Reyes and will take place in an iconic Canadian locale where the teams will compete in stunning Solo, Tandem, or Team challenges that will put them physically and psychologically to the test. The superstar Canadian coaches will make smart judgments and encourage their teams to succeed during the eight-part series. Only one team will emerge victorious in CANADA’S ULTIMATE CHALLENGE!

The first season of the show premiered on February 16, 2023, on CBC.


Meet the Teal team

  • Kimber Bernhard
  • Rachael Spurling
  • Dustin Seidler
  • Stephen Sinanan

Meet the Black team

  • Alana Warnick
  • Bradley Farquhar
  • Devon MD Jones
  • Kenny Ho

Meet the Red team

  • Chris Cederstrand
  • Dilpreet Bhattal
  • Franz Wellington
  • Lori Campbell

Meet the Orange team

  • Christian Oberegger
  • Julie Tower
  • Meaux Redhead
  • Vincent Rojas

Meet the Blue team

  • Zalie Tshuma
  • Jesse Benjamin
  • Mitchell Wendland
  • Skylar LeBlanc

Meet the Yellow team

  • Chris Lewarne
  • Em Donkers
  • Kate Fabien-Ferrol
  • Victoria Coman

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