All About The Cast of Family Karma

“Family Karma” is a famous American reality show that’s worth watching. Most of the viewers loved it and the show earned positive reviews. The series is about the lives of a group of young Indian Americans who live and work in Miami. The show premiered on March 8, 2020, and airs on Bravo, and was renewed for a second season which premiered on June 2, 2021. This show showcases BravoTV’s vision to produce engaging and dramatic shows. The series comes with many intriguing characters who add spice to its premise. The main characters are the children of families who emigrated from India and settled in Miami, Florida. These youngsters are looking to balance the traditions of their upbringing, their parents’ expectations, and a new reality in America.

Here are some details about the main cast members of “Family Karma”.

Anisha Ramakrishna


Anisha Ramakrishna is a 37-year-old enthusiastic star with unique qualities. She moved with her family to Miami when she was still a minor. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Florida International University. Later, Anisha received  her master’s degree at Herbert Business School. In New York City, she was working as a vice president of product development at a clothing company. Her approach to life is not as traditional as her family expects. [Source:]

Bali Chainani


Bali Chainani is a 46-year-old woman presently living in Miami, Florida with her daughter Anushka. She married a successful businessman at the age of 22. They later divorced after 10 years, and they together have a daughter who lives with Bali. Bali later found love in Miami and married her second husband, but things didn’t last long. She presently works in the flower business, looking for other business opportunities.

Amrit Kapai


Amrit Kapai is a 35-year-old lawyer who is striving to be named partner at his law firm, while also considering entrepreneurship with a friend in the circle that he hopes to make a business partner. He is also thinking about his marriage with his longtime boyfriend, Nicholas Kouchoukos. Amrit has helped his law firm launch a new branch.

Shaan Patel


Shaan Patel is the youngest member of the Indian American group of friends featured in the TV series. He runs a business focusing on real estate and construction designing. He is from a successful Indian family that settled in Miami, Florida. Shaan has a habit of breaking some Indian traditions. He also decided to move out of the family home before getting married. Shaan got married to his wife Pooja in June 2022.

Vishal Parvani


Vishal Parvani is a 36-year-old successful businessman who experienced significant ups and downs in “Family Karma” season 2 as he worked to improve his love life and career. As far as his love life goes, Vishal and his fiancé were in a strong relationship because they kept ending and restarting it. However, he didn’t allow his relationship problems to affect his business ambitions. As a result, Vishal found his feet in real estate. On the series, he appeared alongside his parents. The Parvani family members try to keep much of their personal lives private. The family haven’t shared information about other family members.

Brian Benni


Brian Benni is an interesting personality that helps tell the story of Indian American families in a way that keeps viewers glued to the screens. He was once a playboy who loved partying and having fun. Brian’s interesting story has made him a fan favorite, as he opens up to the world in the TV show. He was born and brought up in Miami, Florida. He also has a biological science degree. Brian is an IT consultant and also owns his personal business ventures. He was seen developing feelings for his childhood friend Monica last season, and also stated that things were pretty intense with her. The series features his parents pressurizing him to settle down and start a family of his own soon.

Dillon Patel


Dillon Patel has appeared on the show for the first time in season 2 as Shaan Patel’s sibling and Anisha’s best friend. He is a senior manager at a tech company in San Francisco and has a lifestyle brand, DilPop. Prior to kick-starting his career and a business venture, Dillon studied economics at Duke University. After years of living outside of Miami, he eventually decided to join the rest of his family at the Patel compound. He joined the reality show at the time when most members of the group were grappling with their parents’ or grandparents’ interference.

Rish Karam


Rish Karam is a 29-year-old who came from a family of jewelry merchants with retail outlets in New Jersey and South Florida. He has two brothers named Karan and Sonit Karam, who are very close to him. When it comes to his love life, Rish started dating Monica Vaswani after she ended things with another cast member, Brian Benni. Rish and Monica have a lengthy history that dates back to their childhood days.

Monica Vaswani


Monica Vaswani is a 29-year-old tech specialist by day, and an ambitious Bollywood choreographer by night. She is recognized as the perfect Indian girl by her community and more conservative than her friends. Monica told that she feels blessed to be born in a culture that is rich in tradition, values, and morals. [Source:]